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jQuery Notebook


This plugin is use to diaplay a category post as a Digital book style.the basic idea we have takes from jQuery Booklet Plugin.jQuery Notebook plugin also use some css and js file from http://tympanus.net/ .jQuery Notebook plugin have a fixed layout. so you can use this plugin in a full page layout template. For best use please use page template ‘notebook-template.php ‘,which is located in jQuery Notebook plugin folder [wp-content/plugins/jQuery-notebook/notebook-template.php]. Copy and paste this file in your current activated theme folder . Create a page through admin panel, use shortcode[jqnotebook cat=»catid»] in content section, where catid is categories id of post and choose ‘Notebook’ page template. this plugin is besed on jQuery Booklet Plugin . we are still hardly working on it for making more and more flexible for user. demo are here jQuery Notebook

Arbitrary section

This plugin is fixed layout. purpose of this plugin is display a post like a Notebook style. so you first create a full page layout tempalte.on which this book show clean and awesome.jQuery notebook plugin is my first plugin we are trying to modify its features. jQuery notebook plugin use some cofun code and css from http://tympanus.net/. so there are some js and css file are Under Mit Lincence. so user use this plugin behave on owns.


  • Frontend view screenshot-1.
  • Admin setting page screenshot-2.


  1. Download plugin from wordpress plugin directory.
  2. Upload jQuery notebook to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Place [jqnotebook cat='catid'] in your post or page. Where catid is catagories id of post which you want to show in notebook type.
  5. Please read FAQ before use this plugin.
  6. Use page template wp-content/plugins/jQuery-Notebook/notebook-template.php ‘as a model, and refer to the official WordPress Author Templates Codex Page for more information on how dynamic author pages work

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is the best view size for jQuery notebook plugin .?

The best view size for the WordPress jQuery notebook plugin is 800* 500. This is best for any computer screen. Your can change this setting from backend.
But make sure the css background default image is replace by your best image
for great look. Background images are place on fix size. This size is 800*500.

What Template we can use for this plugin.?

jQuery notebook plugin comes with a default page template. You can use this page template. Or you can use own page template. For best look and feel you make a full page layout page template. so for use this copy digital-book-template.php file in your theme directory. And select book page template in page attribute.

Where we can find support for this plugin.?

Ans If you have any problem related jQuery notebook plugin , please contact me at bineet08@gmail.com .

How we can use this plugin .?
  • Download jQuery notebook plugin from WordPress official Plugin Directory .
  • Unzip zip file.
  • Upload folder on wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Go to backend admin panel. in plugin menu option.
  • Activate wp jQuery notebook plugin.
  • Create a page. Use shortcode tage [jqnotebook cat=»catid»]

    Where catid is post category id which category post you want to show in notebook style.

Any suggestion for best use. ?

jQuery notebook plugin is a fix layout .One page place on single page on jQuery notebook plugin. If you want to best use, Please insure that you post content not more than 50 line . You can also place image in post but insure that image width size is not more than 300px . You can also adjust post content text according to you. More content are move outside jQuery Notebook page layout. Because page fixed height is 500px.


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