Kirki Customizer Framework


Kirki is a customizer toolkit for WordPress. An open-source initiative by Themeum for WordPress theme developers.

Kirki allows you to build themes quicker & more easily. With over 30 custom controls ranging from simple sliders to complex typography controls with Google Fonts integration and features like automatic CSS & postMessage script generation, Kirki makes theme development a breeze.


  • Повышенная производительность
  • Простое API
  • Автоматическая генерация CSS
  • Automatic postMessage Generation
  • Partial Refresh
  • Условная логика
  • Согласие с GDPR
  • Improved Page Speed
  • И многое другое!

Controls 🎛️


You can find detailed documentation on how to use Kirki on


Просто установите как обычный WordPress плагин и активируйте.

If you want to integrate Kirki in your theme or plugin, please read the instructions on our documentation site.


I migrated a domain / new client that had kirki customizer slider — doesn’t look like it’s been working for quite some time. No updates to php/plugins/WP or otherwise was able to fix this issue — Finally found an archive . org version with the working slider and copied the HTML over to the WP template. Best of luck on future fixes.
For example after install this, u will get «Plugins added successfully. You may dismiss this notice now.» message on your admin panel and U CAN’T dismis it. Like a nightmare…
It is a poorly optimized plugin that puts a lot of load on the system. It only serves to adjust the page layout. After making your adjustments, remove it from your site. Install it again if you need it. Otherwise your site runs very slowly.
07.08.2023 2 ответа
No changelog = No respect. They haven’t updated their changelog since February, which is very sketchy. Shouldn’t this be a «must-do» on Wordpress?
We have to update with out any change log, what an ugly habit from some plugins, Kirki included.
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