LC Tracking Codes


This plugin make an easier form to put several tracking codes in your site.
It has the codes for most common monitoring, search and marketing tools, like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google, Bing.
It is also possible to add tracking code from another mechanism, wich is not listed on the plugin. But in this case, you need to put all code.


  • Plugin admin area
  • Plugin Google tracking codes
  • Plugin Bing tracking codes
  • Plugin General tracking code


It is very easy to install. There are several ways to do that:
1. From Github repository:
a) Go to
b) Click on «Clone or Download» and than on «Dowmnload ZIP»
c) Go to your Admnistration panel
d) Go to Plugins and than Add New Plugin
e) Click on «Load Plugin» button
f) Select «Select File» and than select the ZIP file downloaded previously
g) Click Open.
h) Once installed, click on «Activate» button.

  1. From WordPress repository:
    a) Go to Add new plugin page, on WordPress admin panel
    b) Search for LC Tracking Code
    c) Once this plugins is listed, click on Install
    d) Click on Activate
    e) That all.

  2. From download file:
    a) Go to Add new plugin page, on WordPress admin panel
    b) Click on Add new.
    c) Select the .zip file
    d) Upload the file
    e) Look for LC Tracking Code plugin in your plugin list
    f) Click on Activate.
    g) That\’s all.

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Журнал изменений

1.0.0 — Initial version
1.0.1 — Fix UA validation
1.0.2 — Update version
1.0.3 — Fix GTM- validation + Brazilian language
1.0.4 — Allways publish general settings. Minor fixes.
1.1.0 — Add settings tag. Add Contact Form 7 tag.
1.1.1 — Fix plugin publish
1.1.2 — Fix Google Tag Manager Tracking code. Translations.
1.1.3 — Upgrade loadsh. Translations.
1.1.4 — Fix plugin publish.
1.1.6 — Fix Google Search Console validation.
1.1.7 — Fix Bing validation.