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Lead Forensics helps you to turn your anonymous website visitors into paying customers. Our business database is the biggest in the world, so every visitor who lands on your site becomes a potential lead.


Identify your anonymous business visitors and access their business name, telephone number, address, industry and company size. Close sales you never knew you had since 98% of businesses don’t make an enquiry. Take action on leads before your competitors, create watch lists and even assign leads by geography. Increase your online ROI by getting more leads out of your site. On top of all that you can improve relationships with your current clients by setting alerts as they visit your site and review additional product or service offerings.


Простой способ:

  1. Перейдите в раздел «Плагины» в WordPress
  2. Поиск для «Lead Forensics»
  3. Нажмите «Установить»


Вначале авторизуйтесь на Lead Forensics Portal, затем необходимо вставить код «Template Include» в вашу тему (вы можете найти это в разделе «Использование» под настройками слайд-шоу)

  • Go to Settings > Tracking settings [You can set your Id there]


after installing this plugin, it gave me the classic wordpress white screen of death. the tool itself seems useful but not worth the damage once disabled site works ok again. if a later release fixes this issue ill be happy to give it another try
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