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This plugin seems very promising. It took some time to understand how to properly set it up (but it was not too difficult and the graphical interface on their website is simple and instructive). In summary so far after two days testing it works quite well. It answers incorrectly a few times despite having the question in the knowledge base. However, provides reasonably good answers most of the time. The only downside is that I can't get in contact with the maker of this plugin which is worrying. I will go for a subscription if I can get in contact with Botego. I would give 5 stars if there was a way to ask a few questions to the maker of the plugin.
05.10.2017 1 ответ
It has promise and I paid the $120 to move higher up with my issues. If they fix the bugs it could really be something. I would pay more to have the bugs fixed. Just a toy now.
Screen hangs and says loading and never resolves, newer iphone chat will open but keypad hides chat window- Desktop only works, sent a bug report to plugin developer and they denied that there were mobility problems with chatbot, not ready yet to use, needs mobile, ipad compatibility on IOS.
Highly recommended. We've tried several chat services before resulting in this one. Used multiple free trial services of paid services, but the competition, paid or unpaid, is more complicated to install, requires more resources on my server, and is slower to respond from the moment a chat starts until we get notified. Live chat + chatbot looks the perfect match to our needs. Our needs are a fast, reliable, responsive chat service which can support multiple simultaneous chats, easy to install, no complicated settings and lightweight on our servers.
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