Meow Analytics (Google Analytics)


Adds the Google Analytics (GA4 included) code to your website and a little dashboard with realtime and historical data. It’s discrete, light, and… just works! 🥰 Please let me know your issues. I will improve it based on your feedback.

Why another analytics plugin?

Mainly two reasons:

If like me, you are tired of all those Google Analytics plugins with too many useless features, too much code, and coded like if we were still in the neolithic era, you will love this plugin! 💫

Did another plugin asked you for the permission to access your data through its own third-party service? Personally, I don’t like sharing my data with third-parties, and I don’t want to be dependent on them neither. Please check your Google Permissions! You might want to remove some access your granted. Meow Analytics works differently, and connects you directly to Google Analytics.


You can access to some of your analytics data directly in your WordPress dashboard (realtime and historical data). If you wish to do this, follow this tutorial.


Visit the Settings under Meow Apps > Analytics, enter your Google Analytics code, and that’s it. For more, please check the official page of the plugin: Meow Analytics.

Languages: English.


  • Settings.
  • Realtime data.
  • Historical chart.


  1. Upload meow-analytics to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


The plugin eases the integration of an existing google analytics tracking code on a Wordpress site, and also optionally offers a way to expose basic traffic patterns directly in the admin portal - an ideal combination. While setting up the integration with google indeed requires a couple of steps, the documentation for these is comprehensive as well. Thanks for another great plugin! The Meow suite pretty much covers everything you'd need for most websites
This is one of the only Analytics plugin that you own - which means, that you connect to your own Google Cloud Analytics Service! So basically, you don't share your data with anyone else. Of course, it requires a bit of set up on the Google Cloud side, but once it's done, it's yours. Goodbye to the plugins full of ads and data leaks.
I installed this plugin, but you have to do more than 15 steps to complete the procees. And there are a lot of steps... and some of them are too pickly. I even have to do something that i never did in my life, create secret code, and a lot of keys... that really frustrating. I spent like 15 minutes trying to make this plugin works, i even whatched a tutorial, and even doing that it couldnt be possible. I am sorry to be the first One Star rated, but i can not recommended this plugin. Not at all. It really frustated my day. I actually uninstall another plugin from you,i got mad a lot.
I'm used to work with Meow stuffs. WP/LR Sync, Gallery and Lightbox. Few month ago, my analytics plugin was updated and didn't work well. So I moved to Meow Analytics. I was confused by its simplicy. I thought I had make a mistake during setup but no. This plugin is really simple to deploy and very efficient. Plus, it really light. One again, it a really good good job. Thank you
25.08.2020 my left screen, cause my right is my primary display. So now I can keep an eye on the realtime data whilst working on other things, such as binge-watching kittens. Some days I just cringe when I open the official Google Analytics plugin cause it just takes ages to load!!
This is a very good plugin, simple to set up and with a clean dashboard. The support is more than okay, very pro-active with a fast response.
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Журнал изменений

1.1.2 (2022/08/31)

  • Add: Extra IDs (for Google Ads, for example).

1.1.1 (2022/08/21)

  • Add: Possibility to track logged-user without administrator and editors.

1.1.0 (2022/08/15)

  • Update: Textual clarifications.

1.0.9 (2022/07/27)

  • Update: Compatibility with WP 6.
  • Update: UI enhancements.
  • Note: The plugin has been perfectly stable for a while now 🙂 Feel free to use it on all your websites (I already do!). And if you are happy with Meow Analytics, thanks a lot for writing a little review for it.

1.0.8 (2022/02/17)

  • Update: Admin and compatibility WP 3.9.

1.0.7 (2021/09/23)

  • Update: Admin and common files updated.
  • Fix: Analytics was not being displayed on the dashboard for new installs.


  • Update: Brand new admin, cleaner and more dynamic.


  • Update: Seems like replacing Lodash was killing the Dashboard (more exactly, chartjs), but that was only happening when another lodash was used somewhere else. Weird issue, but hopefully that is fixed.


  • Update: Support for new WP.
  • Update: Little code cleaning.


  • Add: Today’s historical data per hour.


  • Fix: Better management of errors for the dashboard.
  • Update: Perform less requests per day to avoid to reach the maximum quota.


  • Fix: Now renew the token successfully and re-use it in realtime in the dashboard.
  • Update: Many improvements in the code.
  • Add: Option to track the logged-in users.


  • Update: Much better success/error checks, with messages.
  • Fix: Long token doesn’t work on the JS side, so I am using short token now, which are renewed automatically when needed.
  • Info: Sorry for the regular updates; I am working on making the base of this plugin really strong, with good error checks. Please contact me if you have any issue or feedback.
  • Note: If you are happy with Meow Analytics and its direction, and would like to give me more motivation, please write a little review for Meow Analytics. Thank you so much.


  • Update: Simplified and enhanced the process of linking the website with Google Analytics.
  • Info: Any issue, please let me know. I would like to make this perfect and easy for everyone 🙂


  • Add: Realtime/Historical tabs with dynamic charts.
  • Update: Much better flow for auth, with error management.
  • Update: Optimized the JS bundles to use React from WordPress, and many optimizations.


  • First release.