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WooCommerce Smart Coupons


Create smart coupons (coupons based on cart conditions) for WooCommerce easily.
Octolio is the perfect plugin to automate your website and do some amazing things.

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  • Quick response time

Bulk actions in WordPress and WooCommerce.
Filter entities (Products, Pages, Posts, Users), define the action (Delete, Trash, change status, create WooCommerce smart coupon) you would like to do.
Once everything is done, process your bulk actions!

WooCommerce smart coupons

  • Apply coupon automatically
  • Set your smart coupons condition based on a lot of filters (Order total / Order shipping method / Order billing address and many more…)
  • Select the coupon you would like to use based on the ones already created on your websites
  • Restrict smart coupons from being applied if conditions are not met (Subtotal amount is not enough high for example)

smart coupons examples:

  • Smart coupons example n°1 : Order total > 100€
  • Smart coupons example n°2 : Order shipping method is: «UPS»
  • Smart coupons example n°3 : Customer has already purchased this article: «Gameboy»
  • Smart coupons example n°4 : Customer country is: France
  • Smart coupons example n°5 : Product quantity is > 10

Manual Bulk Actions

Apply bulk actions to your WordPress or WooCommerce entities in three steps.

  • Select entities (Posts, Users, Pages, Custom Posts, WooCommerce products)
  • Filter them (Creation date / Category / Last login date / Price / Product price etc)
  • Execute actions (Delete / Change Author / Change category / Change stock etc)

Once you publish the post, bulk actions will be executed. That means it will select entities, filter them and apply the actions.

Automatic Bulk Actions

Do specific events based on WordPress hooks (such as applying a conditional coupons to an order)

  • Select the hook triggering your bulk actions (WooCommerce order creation, User modification, User subscription)
  • Set your filters (Order amount / Order shipping method )
  • Execute actions (Create WooCommerce conditional coupons / Delete user / Subscribe )

That’s all you need to know about WooCommerce smart coupons and bulk actions!


  • Pages Mass action
  • Users Mass action
  • Posts Mass action
  • WooCommerce Mass action


No specific instructions needed.
Install the plugin, access it using the menu and you’re ready to create your first smart coupons 😉

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Am I going to save a lot of time using your plugin?

Yes definitely!

Is it easy to use?

Sure, simply access the interface and you’re done.
No need to have technical knowledge to set up your smart coupons or your bulk actions


This plugin is really powerful. It helps me to automatize so many actions on my website, and new actions and hooks are added frequently! Can’t wait to see what’s next with this plugin!
I installed this plugin out of curiousity and I immediately fell in love with it. It is already showing great features in a simple to use interface but I see a potential in the plugin and can easily see it growing into the «Zapier for WordPress» kind of solution. Hingly advisable plugin whcih can be used on a daily basis.
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Журнал изменений

0.0.1 — 18 April 2020

2nd release.
Actions can now be triggered based on WordPress hooks

0.0.1 — 18 April 2020

First release.