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I was using another highly-rated pagination plugin but it did not allow much in the way of altering its physical appearance on the page. It looked fine but it did not score well in the Accessibility category on PageSpeed Insights. So I tried a few other plugins and found Pagination by BestWebSoft and—Voila!—the accessibility issues disappeared on PSI. PbBWS also allows enough customizing that I was able to match the color of the pagination with the color scheme of my site. So, thanks for the plugin and please keep up the good work. Oh, and PbBWS is being easy to install and configure ...
28.04.2021 1 ответ
I setup this plugin and it didn't work well on my site. There was to paginations. I tried to deactivate but didn't work. Still there are two paginations. One is wordpress default and the other is this half working plugins pagination. Also I create a ticket but still no answer.
Yeah, I tested this plugin the free version, is work just fine with Firefox, but with Opera, are continue to make "fetching" posts in homepage, AFTER numbering bar, and i don't know how to stop this. Anyway in the future please make something with this fetching posts. For this work, deserve all the stars. Thanks a lot.
I'm not a techie, so it was really important for me to know I could ask for, and receive, help if I had questions. A couple came up, which required some custom css assistance. Customer service team was highly responsive - and followed-up until my issues were handled. Very impressive.
When i click save changes in the plugin Settings i have allways this error message and cant save the options. Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Thanks!
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