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I am extremely satisfied with the PDF plugin. At first, I encountered some difficulties, but thanks to the exceptional support I received, we achieved outstanding results. The support was prompt and highly competent, addressing every doubt I had and customizing the plugin to meet my specific needs. Now, I can easily generate high-quality PDFs from my website's content, significantly enhancing the user experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this plugin to anyone in need of creating customized PDFs from web content, with the assurance of excellent support.
25.04.2023 3 ответа
FTY: This plugin doesn't support dynamic pages. On WP 6.2, I have tried with and without using a shortcode and one generates a PDF with a title and no other contents and the other generates a completely blank page. The non-shortcode test was for "Plants" custom page type which is ticked in settings. The button shows up on the bottom right (it is configured for top right).
I bought the plugin for a customer. Managed to setup the basics to output a page as an image PDF (using DIVI theme). That works just fine and support is superb! Have to read about how to setup the custom fields section, but no need for that right now. My customer is very content so I am more than content with it.
13.07.2022 1 ответ
After installing the plugin, the following URL will be indexed in Google //site.com/url/?print=pdf How can this (?print=pdf) not be indexed in Google? I deleted the plugin but it (?print=pdf) is still in the link address and it is indexed in Google How to solve the problem and remove this (?print=pdf) in url
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