Ever booked a hotel in because it was hot selling and you didn’t want to miss?
Ever went to a restaurant based on a recommendation?

That’s social proof.

Social proof is a term known for long time and is often associated with terms such as «Fear Of Missing Out» (FOMO)
and the «herd effect» decision heuristic.

ProveSource leverages these psychological effects to turn your website to a more dynamic and interesting place
for your users and a improves your sales generating machine.

ProveSource is a social proof platform for websites that displays notifications about positive user interactions in
the website, such as recent purchases and signups.

  • Show recent purchases / signups / subscriptions / etc.
  • Show reviews from sources like Google Reviews, Facebook, Trustpilot, Yotpo, and more!
  • Show informational messages about promotions, policies or anything else.
  • Supports more than 22 languages and counting!
  • Beautiful notifications, including mobile ready.
  • Customize look and feel, position, timing, pages to display and more.
  • Hundreds of integrations including Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, Google Analytics, Facebook, ClickFunnels, Trustpilot, MailChimp, Drip and more

The best alternative to FOMO, UseProof, Beeketing, WPFomify, Sales Pop,, NotificationX, Nextsale, Nudgify, Bizzy, HoverSignal and more

Why Social Proof & fomo?

  • Increase conversions by showing off recent orders, social proof and sales pop-up notifications
  • Instant social proof that builds trust, credibility and confidence with your visitors — let them know they are not alone and your store is busy
  • If you don’t have many sales you can still show the number of visitors or product and page views to let your customers sell for you


  • Social proof notification types and options
  • Social proof in action
  • Dashboard website analytics and stats
  • Dashboard list of notifications


ProveSource plugin installation is as as easy as it gets, it works with both WordPress and WooCommerce on your websites.
ProveSource automatically connects to your WordPress website and Woocommerce store and pulls orders and signups as they happen.

ProveSource is a subscription service, starting at $0 per month (that’s right we offer a free plan), subscription
management is available in the ProveSource website (click the logo in the settings page).


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen OR unzup the plugin archive to ‘/wp-content/plugins’
  2. In the WordPress ‘Plugins’ page, activate the plugin.
  3. Select «ProveSource» menu item on the sidebar.
  4. Copy over your API key from ProveSource dashboard and hit «Save».
  5. In the ProveSource dashboard hit «New Notification» and follow the wizard to create a «Stream» WooCommerce notification.
  6. Done. Sit back and watch how social proof boosts your sales!


  • ProveSource inject the ProveSource javascript code to your website to display notifications and collect visitor data.

  • ProveSource is a cloud based service and the plugin communicates with the ProveSource servers,
    including remote webhook calls, data collected includes product details and customer details.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. What’s the price?

    Pricing starts at $0 per month, so you can enjoy all the benefits with zero cost.

  2. How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription anytime. Contact us via our website live chat or email (


Awesome tool. Easy to use. Automatically save the name and display in notification. Various types of notifications included. Everything for free for small sites. Thumbs up!
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Журнал изменений


Add WooCommerce past orders auto import (up to 30 recent orders)
Fix WooCommerce product name to not include variant text
Add more IPs lookup for location accuracy
Add warnings about common 3rd party plugin incompatability


Update snippet to latest version
Fix errors stopping orders from completion
Fix api key collision with other plugins
Tested with WordPress 5.3+ and Woocommerce 3.9+


Added user first name and last name from registration
Added notice about installation of plugin
Added WooCommerce image URL https check and replace (mixed content warning)


Added support for WooCommerce user register


Added support for new user signup / register event for social proof


Seamless, simple integration with all notification types supported, exclusive WooCommerce notification type.