Этот плагин был закрыт с 07.06.2022, он более не доступен для загрузки. Плагин был закрыт временно, ожидается проверка.


Our customer is using Rezgo to take online reservations for their activity business but wanted to make significant customizations that aren't possible using their white label hosted solution. By using the Rezgo plugin and creating our own custom templates, we were able to create the exact user experience they were looking to offer their customers. The Rezgo support team was super helpful in explaining how to go about this, right down to guiding us on which files to modify and even providing code samples. The way they've set it up, we could still keep the plugin up to date while making sure our changes didn't get overwritten.
Rezgo booking engine connected our small social enterprise in Cambodia to the world. Our own online bookings skyrocketed when we changed from a referral link to an OTA and remain our fastest growing sales channel. Rezgo's connection to Expedia, Viator and now GetYourGuide connect us to the most popular OTAs, further increasing our online sales. The plugin is simple to use and Rezgo is very responsive to service and feature requests.
After several days trying to figure out the problem or mistake I was making and 2 days of conversation with support with the usual wrong answers to a question I wasn't asking. they did try their best... but.... And I quote "The Rezgo WP plugin is a bit out-dated, and it is in the updating process. The current download version is not included bundle pricing yet. We expect to release as soon as possible." Which begs the question, why bother with a plugin if you can't be bothered to update it at the same time as the website updates it's features. a lot of work down the drain for me.
The Rezgo WordPress Booking Plugin is a completely integrated booking engine that takes advantage of all the content management capabilities of WordPress. Tag, search, tour list, and tour detail pages are all fully integrated with the WordPress site structure giving you the ability to link directly to product pages, specific dates, or apply promotional codes or referral ids.
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