Rough Chart


Rough Chart helps to create sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts.

You can use this plugin to create charts that communicate work-in-progress state of your project
or you can use it to add unique look and feel to your website.


  • Create bar, pie and line charts
  • Select chart styling
  • Choose whether show legend or not
  • Custom chart title and axis names


In order to add chart into your post — you need to use its shortcode.
The shortcode can be found in the list of you charts: WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Rough Charts

For example: [roughchart id=»XX»]
Where «XX» is the id number of your chart.

You can also override charts title by adding «title» property to your shortcode.

For example: [roughchart id=»XX» title=»New title»]


  • List of charts
  • Pie chart settings
  • Columns chart settings


  1. Put the Rough-Chart directory into plugins directory of your website
  2. Click ‘Activate’ in the Plugins admin panel
  3. Create new Rough-Chart into:
    • WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Rough Charts

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I use «title» prop in shortcode for a chart that already has title?

Yes you can. In this case «title» from the shortcode will be used.


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Release Date — 01 January 2020

  • Initial release