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This plugin does exactly what it says and is a huge benefit in maintaining contact with our members. It is super easy to set up and simple to use and gives you great control over sending emails to lots of people at once. We had our plugin customised even further which allowed us to select certain roles to have the access to the plugin via the front end thereby eliminating the need to give backend access to too many people. The support staff at BestWebSoft were awesome with this and setup the customisation quickly and charged a small but reasonable amount for the additional work they undertook. If we ever had a problem they would fix it without delay. I thoroughly recommend this plugin cannot praise the support staff any higher they are awesome.
Loved this plugin, its simple and it works great. I had a problem with the installation but the support was very helpful and it was resolved. Thanks for everything!
10.12.2017 1 ответ
Features I had, like saving my settings, were moved to the "Pro" paid version when I updated the plugin! FYI, you create higher-value versions by ADDING features.
tanx a lot for make this plugin. I use that in one of our web site کلاس زبان and that works pretty coooooool. tanx again and keep going
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