Simple Custom CSS Plugin


Добавляет произвольный CSS на Ваш сайт WordPress без хлопот.

Легкий в использовании WordPress плагин, который позволяет добавить произвольные стили CSS, которые могут перезаписывать стили плагинов и тем. Этот плагин создан, чтобы удовлетворить нужды администраторов, которые бы хотели добавить свои собственные стили CSS на их WordPress сайт. Стили, добавленные через этот плагин, будут работать даже если тема изменена.

New in Version 4.0.5

  • AMP Support Added!
  • Tested for WP version 5.8.1

About AMP Support

This plugin no longer enqueues your saved styles in a «pseudo-file», but rather prints the styles directly into the <head> element. This allows for better caching, and also processing by AMP plugins.


  • AMP Support
  • Customizer Control (live preview)
  • Полезная подсветка синтаксиса кода
  • Code linting (error checking)
  • Нет нужды в конфигурациях
  • Simple interface built on native WordPress UI
  • Практически не влияет на производительность сайта
  • Нет сложных запросов к базе данных
  • Подробная документация
  • Allows Administrator access on WP Networks (Multisite)


  1. Navigate to Appearance > Custom CSS in the Admin Menu

  2. Enter in valid CSS styles

  3. Click «Update Custom CSS»

  4. View your changes in the Front End of your website


Simple Custom CSS Wiki

Support Forum



Установите Simple Custom CSS как и любой другой плагин WP:

  1. Download Simple Custom CSS from

  2. Распакуйте .zip файл.

  3. Загрузите папку плагина (simple-custom-css/) в wp-content/plugins folder.

  4. Go to Plugins Admin Panel and find the newly uploaded Plugin, «Simple Custom CSS» in the list.

  5. Click «Activate Plugin.»

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Спасибо! Самый простой и быстрый способ не разбираясь в коде исправить косяк! 😉 -- Thanks! The easiest and fastest way to fix the jamb without understanding the code! 😉
با این افزونه به راحتی می‌توانید هر استایلی که می‌خواهید را به سایتتان اضافه کنید. به شدت توصیه می‌کنم استفاده کنید.
Hola, Gracias por este plugin. Está GENIAL. Muy bueno al menos para lo que yo lo uso, que es bastante simple. De momento, no me ha dado problemas ni conflitos. No soy experto en CSS, pero este plugin me funciona. Espero siga mejorando. Yoe
Indispensable. I can add custom css from the WP root admin panel. But memo to the developers: you mark mediaqueries with red x's. This doesn't affect performance, but please, it's long past time to fix this.
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Журнал изменений

* AMP Support. Thanks, @westonruter!
* Tested for compatibility with WP version 5.8.1

* Tested for compatibility with WP version 5.4.1

* Tested for compatibility with WP version 5.3

* Use WP’s CodeMirror on settings page
* Tested for compatibility with WP version 5.1.1
* Tested for compatibility with PHP version 7.2

* Fixed bug with broken editor styles on older versions of WP.

* New Customizer Control (still compatible with older WP versions)
* Added colors and linting to the Settings Page
* Updated hooks to replace hyphens with underscores
* Tested for WPCS compliance
* Tested for compatibility with WP version 4.9.4

* Added support for https://
* Added base support for Danish language. Thanks @ThomasDK81!
* Tested for compatibility with WP version 4.4.1

* Tested for compatibility with WP 4.1
* Improved architecture to reduce the number of queries. Thanks @dannyvankooten!

* Tested for compatibility with WP 3.9.1
* Sidebar «Update CSS» button added

* Added Sytnax Highlighter
* Removed Need for «Allow Quotation Marks» checkbox
* Removed plugin attribution text
* Minor styling changes. Thanks @kucrut!

* Fixed issue with WP installs in subdirectories. Thanks @lopo!
* Tested for compatibility with WP 3.8.1

* Added option to allow Double Quotes in CSS
* Tested for compatibility with WP 3.8

* Tested for compatibility with WP 3.7.1
* Code update to conform fully with WP coding standards

* Give Admins (not just Super Admins) access to the plugin
* Correcting Credit error
* Minor Bugfixes

* Allowing the «>» direct child selector.

* Removed unneeded hidden input
* Added Action Hooks
* Added cleanup on deletion
* Added author attribution option
* Added a more elegant method for adding CSS to the page:

Instead of using print_scripts() to insert the CSS directly into the HEAD, CSS styles are generated within simple-custom-css.php, then added via wp_enqueue_scripts, so now it will appear in the HEAD as:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

…even though no css file is actually generated.

* Initial Release