Simple Floating Menu


Simple Floating Menu is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add a floating sticky menu with icons and tool tips with various designs.

The plugin has 5 sets of icons pack with total of more than 5000+ icon to choose from to display the floating menu and interestingly you can add unlimited menu icon buttons. You can show the menu in 8 different positions with 9 different button shapes.

Want to test the dashboard settings without installing on your website? Test Dashboard Settings Here

Main features

  • Custom Icons — 5 icon pack with 10,000+ icons to choose
  • Unlimited Menu Items
  • Option to show is same tab or new tab
  • 8 different position to display
  • 9 different button shapes to choose
  • Customize button with height/width, icon size, color of buttons and toot tip text fonts
  • 600+ Google fonts to choose from for the toot tip text
  • Add internal, external or one page scrolling links
  • Export/Import Settings to transfer settings from one to another website

Premium Upgrade

For premium upgrade, please click below link
Super Floating and Fly Menu | Premium Demos


  • Admin Panel of Simple Floating Menu
  • Admin Panel of Simple Floating Menu
  • Admin Panel of Simple Floating Menu


The easy way to install the plugin is via plugin directory.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for «Simple Floating Menu» and install the plugin.
  3. Activate Plugin from «Plugins» menu in WordPress.


07.03.2023 1 ответ
Great plugin, works fine and very easy to configure!
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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений


03 Mar, 2023
* Prefix issue on essential font icon fixed


03 Mar, 2023
* Prefix removed from font icons wp_enqueue_style


28 Feb, 2023
* Font Icons updated


10 Jan, 2023
* Icon Picker bug fixed


12 Dec, 2022
* Google fonts for typography updated
* Minor design fixes


16 Sep, 2022
* Icon not displaying in dashboard menu fixed
* Setting panel first tab not active issue fixed
* Selective display of dynamic styles in setting page only in admin dashboard


31 Aug, 2022
* Design issue in admin notice fixed


13 Aug, 2022
* Added shadow option for buttons
* Option to load the Google fonts locally to comply with GDPR
* Notice to review the plugin — Added


31 May, 2022
* Added hooks for developers


23 May, 2022
* Minor Javascript bug — fixed


22 May, 2022
* Option to Import/Export Settings — Added


28 Jan, 2022
* Slow loading of font icon list when switching font pack — fixed
* Compatibility issue with latest WordPress v5.9 fixed


12 Dec, 2021
* All font icons updated to latest version
* Files and codes minimized for better performance


24 Oct, 2021
* Stable tag updated.


06 Oct, 2021
* Simple Floating Menu displaying in the new gutenberg widget page fixed.


13 Apr, 2021
* Minor Design fixes in admin panel


  • Minor Changes and Pro Version Upgrade Banner


12 Oct, 2020
* Design issue in the ToolTip pointer arrow of the Edit Button for various position/orientation fixed


  • Added setting button in front end with disable option in the admin


  • Added Option to enable/disable floating menu
  • Admin panel design refinement


  • Release