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Stackable is a collection of beautiful ready-to-use custom blocks that builds on and supercharges the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). Stackable’s blocks give you the capability to easily create great websites with just a few clicks.

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Stackable provides feature-rich blocks that gives you more design options for your site. Stackable’s blocks look great out of the box, and will make website building a breeze.

Stackable’s custom blocks come with multiple block layouts that you can use to build your perfect site without writing a single line of code. Stackable blocks are also responsive and will look great even in small screens.

Want to see it in action? Check out our block demos.

Stackable blocks

Container BlockView Block

The Container is a robust and flexible block that allows you to combine different blocks in a single row. You can change the container layout and size to different configurations for ultimate flexibility.

Separator BlockView Block

The Separator block allows you to add gorgeous transitions between sections on your page. Choose from different shape dividers to draw attention to important sections.

Posts BlockView Block

The Posts block enables you to present your latest blog articles using great layouts. You can also choose the different details and information to be displayed.

Feature Grid BlockView Block

The Feature Grid block allows you to showcase several features in a stylized layout. Use the grid to highlight your growing portfolio, products, and more.

Accordion BlockView Block

The Accordion block allows you to display information in collapsible rows. This is can be used to display text heavy content such as FAQs or to manage the display of different content in your page.

Image Box BlockView Block

The Image Box block allows you to create a collage of images. This can work as a gallery and is perfect for showcasing your portfolio, photos of your products, services and more.

Feature BlockView Block

The Feature block allows you to display a large section with a photo, title, description, and button. Use this block to easily give emphasis to notable posts that you want to highlight on your page.

Icon List BlockView Block

The Icon List block allows you to create bulleted lists using different icons. Use the icon list to make your layout less cluttered and showcase list items more effectively. Create checklists, feature lists and the like.

Call to Action BlockView Block

The Call to Action block can be utilized to persuade your visitors to perform an action. You can prompt them to learn more, download, buy and more.

Card BlockView Block

The Card block is an all-around block to display content in a crisp layout. Use this block to elegantly display information and photos to showcase your portfolio, team photos, services, and more.

Header BlockView Block

The Header block can be used to create a striking header to catch your visitors’ attention while showing what your page is all about. You can also include a brief description and a call to action to make sure people are encouraged to explore further.

Count Up BlockView Block

The Count Up block is great for showcasing interesting and notable stats on your page. The counter will count up from 0 to your designated number when the page is visited.

Video Popup BlockView Block

The Video Pop-up block lets you display a thumbnail to play a full-screen video from YouTube of Vimeo. This gives your users the ability to view the video in a pop-up window.

Pricing Box BlockView Block

The Pricing Box block allows you to display pricing options detailing plans, prices, inclusions, and more. This is perfect for comparing different tiers and product promos.

Testimonial BlockView Block

The Testimonial Block lets you easily share your social proof by letting your site visitors know what other people say about you. You can also highlight feedback from notable industry players.

Team Members BlockView Block

The Team Member Block is meant to introduce the individuals in your team. Feature relevant and interesting information about each team member like their position, duties and specialties.

Notification BlockView Block

The Notification block displays temporary and easily dismissible notices, warnings, or information banners to easily highlight notices and announcements.

Number Box BlockView Block

The Number Box block allows you to display information that is best showcased with numeric figures. This is great for displaying steps in a process, different product options, different service plans, different product features and more.

Blockquote BlockView Block

The Blockquote block can be used to highlight significant parts of a post. Use different quote styles to maximize visibility.

Button BlockView Block

The Button block let’s you add good ol’ buttons, but better. Add multiple buttons per row and choose from different button types — regular, ghost, plain text and link.

Expand / Show More BlockView Block

The Expand/Show More block let’s you show a small excerpt before showing the complete text so you don’t bombard your visitors with information.

Divider Block

The Divider block is a simple but flexible block to differentiate between sections or other site elements.

Spacer Block

The Spacer block is a great to make your site look less cluttered. Add spaces between any two blocks to make sure your layout looks great.

Stackable Effects & Features

Stackable also comes with great effects and features. Enjoy different background options — image or video backgrounds, fixed images, single and gradient tinted background effects. You can also make use of different image box hover effects to add a little something extra to your pages.

Check out the Stackable demos to see what Stackable can do.

Stackable WordPress Theme

Get our WordPress theme that’s beautiful & flexible, Gutenberg-ready and made especially for Stackable blocks and the new WordPress editor. Download the Stackable Theme now.

Stackable Premium

Stackable Premium extends the capabilities of Stackable and the new WordPress editor to give you the smoothest page building experience. Using the core Stackable Philosophy of balancing utility and great design, Stackable Premium offers premium design layouts and effects, premium functionality and focused one-on-one customer care.

While you can create great pages with Stackable, Stackable Premium lets you do so much more.

Try out a live demo of Stackable Premium

Stackable Blocks

News Article Updates

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  • Feature Grid block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Icon List block
  • Image Box block
  • Pricing Box block


Этот плагин предоставляет 23 блока.

Call to Action
Count Up
Expand / Show More
Feature Grid
Icon List
Image Box
Number Box
Pricing Box
Team Member
Video Popup


Minimum Requirements

You’ll need WordPress version 5.0 or higher for this to work. For versions below 5.0, you’ll need to use the Gutenberg plugin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What are blocks?

Blocks are the new Shortcodes in WordPress 5.0+ / Block Editor / Gutenberg.

They’re the basic elements that you add into your content to build your pages, like buttons, cards, videos, etc.

Stackable gives you lots of amazing blocks for you to create awesome landing pages and front pages.

How does this work?

Once you activate Stackable, you should get additional blocks in your Block Editor.

Where can I find the blocks?

When adding a new block using the new Block Editor (Gutenberg), you should be able to see a new category in your block list labeled «Stackable». Open that up and all Stackable blocks should be inside.

Can you remove parts of a block?

Most parts of Stackable blocks are optional and can be removed by emptying out the text.

For example, to remove a button from a Feature Block, highlight then delete the button’s text and it should not show up in the frontend.

Will this clutter my block list?

Nope, you can disable/hide the blocks that you don’t need in our settings page, or the Block Manager.

Can I use this with other blocks?

Yes! Stackable blocks play well with other block plugins.

Can I use Stackable in page builders?

Stackable only works inside the new Block Editor (Gutenberg).


With this plugin you can layout incredible things thanks to the new editor. The imagination is the limit. Simple and powerful. Thank you very much for the amazing work.
Awesome capabilities and extremely helpful resource for web designers. I just wonder a detail (not sure if there is a way to achieve it) but how do we do when a grid needs to have more than 100 items ? Why the grid does not display arrows to increase the items number in an unlimited number so to speak ? Thanks for this great plugin !!
Stackable has renewed my faith in the block system and love the product. We have paid for the 'Pro'version and can I just say what fantastic support the Stackable team has given us. We had a problem with the plugin which actually turned out not to be the fault of the plugin but someting totally unrelated but the Stackable team still gave me so much support even though it was nothing to do with Stackable. I think the 5 star rating says it all. Thanks guys
The combination of features in the plugin has saved me loads of time.
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Участники и разработчики

«Stackable — Gutenberg Blocks» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


  • New: Revamped icon picker controls
  • New: Added Facebook community group link
  • Fixed: Flashing overlay outside border-radius in Image Boxes in Edge
  • Fixed: Selecting the custom color field resets the highlight color
  • Fixed: Video Popup block opens on mobile when scrolling
  • Fixed: IE11 forEach error


  • New: Rebranded welcome & settings page design
  • Fixed: Selecting the custom color field resets the highlight color
  • Fixed: Flashing overlay outside border-radius in Image Box blocks in Safari
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of horizontal layout in Card blocks
  • Fixed: Too-wide padding of horizontal layout in Card blocks
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of horizontal layout in Feature Grid blocks
  • Fixed: Border radius overflow visual issue in Edge in Image Box blocks
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of horizontal & half layouts in Team Member blocks
  • Fixed: Excessive padding on the horizontal layout in Card blocks


  • Fixed: Regex error in Firefox


Text Color and Text Highlight

  • New: Color & highlight formatting toolbar (⌘+h or Ctrl+h)
  • Fixed: Support for media queries in Custom CSS
  • Fixed: Rgba style rule invalidates Custom CSS
  • Fixed: Responsive issues with the Feature block layouts
  • Fixed: Blocks error out when setting some colors to pure black
  • Fixed: Squished images in Feature block when image size is adjusted


Translations: Stackable in Your Language

  • New: Translation ready
  • New: Updated FontAwesome to v5.9: more icons!
  • Fixed: Blog Posts block compatibility with WPML
  • Fixed: One-column Image Box block get squished
  • Fixed: Zigzag layout in Feature Grid block translate in mobile (Premium)


  • Updated: Freemius SDK version 2.3.0. Fixes the get_blog_list is undefined error.
  • Fixed: iOS fixed background attachments do not convert to scroll.
  • Fixed: SVG icons will not display as bullets in IE11, fallback to normal bullets.


  • Fixed: Gutenberg 5.9 compatibility
  • Fixed: Buttons getting cut when the text is too long in smaller screens.
  • Fixed: WordPress 5.0 compatibility fix


  • Fixed: Error encountered when re-editing blocks with containers if they have custom CSS
  • Fixed: While editing, other columns get hidden when custom CSS is used
  • Fixed: YouTube videos in Video Popup doesn’t autoplay.
  • Fixed: Changed cursor in remove background image button since it was confusing


  • Fixed: Placeholder text no longer becomes hidden when block is blurred
  • Fixed: Separator blocks won’t overlap against block outlines and toolbars
  • Fixed: Category dropdown in the Blog Posts block doesn’t show categories. Fixes #107
  • Fixed: A Javascript error prevented the Freemius opt-in from skipping. Fixes #91
  • Fixed: Icon List block icon vertical alignment. Fixes #97
  • Fixed: Warning when there are no blog posts


  • Fixed: Accordion block now doesn’t clip its content to a maximum of 800px
  • Fixed: Blog Posts Block error in WordPress 5.2
  • Fixed: Testimonial block’s basic & basic 2 background colors did not work


  • Fixed: Separator block clipping when full-width
  • Fixed: Typo in background image help text
  • Fixed: Blocks become invalid if they have a button that opens in a new tab
  • Change: Removed promotional popup


Separators Are Here

  • New: Separator block with 10 designs
  • Fixed: IE11 stretching images vertically in the Feature block
  • Change: Replaced removed small Premium notices with 3-dot toggle buttons


Video Backgrounds & Background Gradients

  • New: Video backgrounds
  • New: Background gradient colors
  • New: Custom CSS tab for all blocks (Premium)
  • Fixed: Not setting a subprice hides the price in the Pricing box block
  • Fixed: Blockquote block highlight design not being applied correctly.


  • Fixed: Removed preload & prefetch since they’re causing problems in Safari and Firefox. Let’s leave this to the optimization plugins.
  • Fixed: Security fix
  • Change: Removed small Premium notices from the editor


  • New: Added modal slider for Premium «Learn More» buttons
  • New: Scripts & style loading optimization: CSS files are now preloaded / prefetched, JS files are now deferred
  • New: Added Contact Us & Support Forum in admin menu
  • Fixed: Divider Elementor margin conflict
  • Fixed: Feature Block content doesn’t force center on mobile
  • Fixed: Duplicated notifications can show up.
  • Fixed: Blog Posts block List design shows incorrectly in the editor.
  • Fixed: Click-holding on an icon doesn’t select the icon
  • Fixed: Remove Icon list bullets, compatibility for Genesis theme


  • New: Added news section in the welcome screen
  • New: Added Premium section in the welcome screen


Introducing Stackable Premium

  • New: Added Stackable Premium pricing page
  • New: Image Hover Effect option for the Image Box block
  • New: Hover Overlay Opacity option for the Image Box block
  • New: Arrow option for the Image Box block
  • New: Serif option for the Testimonial block
  • New: Added background color option for the Testimonial block
  • New: Added Full-Height option for the Header block
  • New: Column Highlight option for Pricing Box block
  • New: Added Color on Hover option for the Team Member block
  • New: Wide alignment for the Team Member, Testimonial, and Pricing Box blocks
  • Fixed: The URL input is now center aligned
  • Fixed: Class name typo in Pricing Box block
  • Fixed: Removing the background color of a Card block results in an error
  • Fixed: Removing the background color of a Call to Action block results in an error
  • Fixed: Using an #ffffff button color results in an error
  • Fixed: Bottom content padding of Feature Grid block


  • Fixed: Img tags will now use the image’s alt value if the block has no title
  • Fixed: Open in New Tab option for Header Block didn’t work
  • Fixed: Editing the HTML content of the Accordion block & Notification block makes the block error out.
  • Fixed: Deprecation issues with regards to the align attribute in many blocks


Read the news update

  • New: Better build tooling, way less files now in the build
  • New: index.php for all directories
  • New: Bundle SVGs and PNGs to dist for less files
  • Fixed: Hide header background settings for plain designs
  • Fixed: Vertical align toolbar labels
  • Fixed: Refrain the link field from getting focus when a block is selected
  • Fixed: Nested icon list styles
  • Fixed: Image Box block images cannot be replaced
  • Fixed: Clearing the Button block’s text color resulted in an error
  • Fixed: Blockquote’s quote mark is too far in small sizes
  • Fixed: Accordion doesn’t open/close in IE11
  • Fixed: Button block’s margin animates when being selected in the editor


Read the news update

  • New: Added «New Tab» option for all blocks with links
  • New: Accordion block changes:
    • Accessibility fixes
    • Changed structure, not uses input method anymore
    • Added plain design
  • New: Blockquote block changes:
    • Added 9 types of quotation marks
    • Added the option to change the size of the quotation mark
    • Added plain & basic design
    • Added border radius and shadow options
    • Added restrict to content width option
  • New: Blog Posts block changes:
    • Changed html structure
    • Added border radius and shadow options
  • New: Feature block changes:
    • Added plain design
    • Added border radius and shadow options
    • Added restrict to content width option
  • New: Feature Grid block changes:
    • Now uses buttons instead of just a link for the read more button
    • Added border radius and shadow options
  • New: Header block changes:
    • Added plain design
    • Added border radius and shadow options
    • Added restrict to content width option
  • New: Image Box block changes:
    • Added border radius and shadow options
  • New: Notification block changes:
    • Added border radius and shadow options
    • Accessibility fixes
  • New: Number Box block changes:
    • Changed HTML structure
    • Added background color
    • Added border radius and shadow options
    • Added color detection
  • New: Pricing Box block changes:
    • Changed HTML structure
    • Added image setting
    • Added price prefix and suffix
    • Added plain design
    • Added border radius and shadow options
  • New: Team Member block changes:
    • Changed HTML structure
    • Added plain design
    • Added border radius and shadow options
  • New: Testimonial block changes:
    • Changed HTML structure
    • Added basic design
    • Added border radius and shadow options
  • New: Video Popup block changes:
    • Added border radius and shadow options
    • Added play button size option
    • Added center, wide and full widths
  • New: Icons for all blocks
  • Change: Deprecated Pullquote block since the Blockquote is now very similar
  • Change: Standardized all block default strings
  • Change: Updated bigpicture to v2.1.0
  • Updated: Freemius SDK 2.2.3
  • Fixed: Frontend console error wp is undefined
  • Fixed: Editing Button block, Expand block labels, and Number Box block labels sometimes shows just a single letter. Gutenberg bug: #7311
  • Fixed: Feature Grid block image size is doubley small in the editor
  • Fixed: Button settings panel close when selecting Plain or Link designs
  • Fixed: Standardized behavior that when a button / text component of a block was emptied, the field would disappear when the block was not focused on.
  • Fixed: Some top/bottom button margins
  • Fixed: Notification block default text color
  • Fixed: Team Member block resulted in an error if a text setting was left blank
  • Fixed: Faded text in the Testimonial block
  • Fixed: Accessibility issues in the Expand block
  • Fixed: React warnings in IconControl, ButtonEdit and ImageUploadPlaceholder
  • Fixed: Bold & italicized titles malform img tags in the Feature and Feature Grid blocks
  • Fixed: Adding a feature block into a small width should not wrap the image
  • Fixed: Multi-column blocks overflow in the editor
  • Fixed: The background color of the Container block also gets applied to the background color of child blocks.


Read the news update

  • New: Settings screen where you can disable or enable blocks!
  • New: Better accessibility for image picker controls
  • New: Added «Tiny» button size
  • New: New border radius and shadow options for the Container block
  • New: Card block changes:
    • Added plain design
    • Added new design options
  • New: Call to Action changes:
    • Added plain design
    • Added new design options
    • Added Restrict to Content Width toggle
  • New: Count Up block changes:
    • Added Font option for the counter
    • Added plain design
    • Added new design options
    • Added Restrict to Content Width toggle
  • Change: Changed the mouse cursor for the remove button for placeholder images
  • Fixed: HTML blocks do not change text colors when inside a Container block
  • Fixed: Removing the button text in the Card block now removes the block
  • Fixed: Posts block did not have side paddings when wide
  • Fixed: Make Columns placed inside Container blocks occupy the entire Container width
  • Fixed: Pullquote quote decoration goes on top of the text


  • Change: Tweaked Button Block medium and large font size and paddings to make them usable
  • Change: Side and centered Container block content now do not extend the full width in small screens
  • Fixed: Button inner should have a margin/padding instead of the outer button since it’s unclickable!
  • Fixed: If no text color has been set in a Container block, do not apply a text color
  • Fixed: Compatibility of the Divider block with TwentyNineteen
  • Fixed: Containers with empty background color errors out after saving
  • Fixed: Containers without a background now do not show the box outline
  • Fixed: TwentyNineteen compatibility.


Read the news update

  • New: Buttons can now have icons
  • New: All blocks with buttons can now be changed into ghost buttons
  • New: All buttons can now be changed into plain links
  • New: Added PHP version checks to prevent version related errors
  • New: Added plain design for Feature Grid block
  • New: Added descriptions for each block
  • Updated: Freemius SDK 2.2.2
  • Change: Ghost Button is now deprecated (but will still continue to work), please use the Button Block and choose the Ghost button design instead
  • Fixed: Team Members block with more than 1 column resulted in an error when editing after saving
  • Fixed: Smooth transitions for Stackable blocks no longer affect non-block elements during editing
  • Fixed: Only enqueue the stackable-welcome styles when in the welcome screen
  • Fixed: Vimeo URLs did not work in the Video Popup block
  • Fixed: Video Popup block resulted in an error when editing after saving
  • Fixed: Minor button side padding tweak
  • Fixed: Button block will error out if no alignment is selected
  • Fixed: Header block’s last child has an unwanted margin


  • Fixed: Parse error for < PHP 5.6.0
  • Fixed: Scrollbars in Blog Posts Block titles
  • Change: Renamed «Blog Posts» block to just «Posts» block


Read the news update

  • New: Container block
  • New: Accordion block
  • Fixed: Better support for wide & full width in Gutenberg-ready themes.
  • Fixed: PHP warnings in the Blog Posts block.


Read the news update

  • New: Blog Posts block
  • New: Added notifications for the Stackable welcome screen.


Read the news update

  • New: Image Box block can now support 1-4 columns and now has better user experience
  • New: Video Popup’s color can now be changed
  • New: Moved the background image picker for the Video Popup
  • New: Team Member block now has placeholder images instead of an ‘Upload Button’
  • New: Feature Grid block now has placeholder images
  • New: Feature block now has a placeholder image
  • New: Card block now has a placeholder image
  • New: Testimonial block now has a placeholder image
  • Change: Testimonial block layout was changed
  • Fixed: Ensure the video popup block’s close button doesn’t have a background


  • Fixed: Header block background image migration


Read the news update

  • New: Count-up block can now have 1 to 4 columns
  • New: Count-up block can now be resized to wide and full-width
  • New: Count-up block can now have backgrounds
  • New: Adjacent full-width blocks are margin-less in the editor
  • New: Blockquote block can now be resized to wide and full-width
  • New: Blockquote block can now have backgrounds
  • New: Call-to-Action block can now have background images & background image tints
  • New: Feature block can now have background images & background image tints
  • New: Header block now has a fixed background
  • Changed: Standardized background settings for the Header block
  • Fixed: Card image goes past container in mobile
  • Fixed: Better responsiveness for Icon List block, it now collapses from 3 to 2 columns on mobile
  • Fixed: Image box is too wide in mobile
  • Fixed: Better handling for wide and full widths


  • Fixed: Smaller box padding for smaller screens
  • Fixed: Better responsive styles for the feature grid block
  • Fixed: WordPress 5.0 beta support — invalid script and style dependencies
  • Fixed: WordPress 5.0 beta support — headers already sent errors
  • Fixed: Custom classnames are now applied correctly
  • Fixed: Standardized all Button inspector settings
  • Fixed: Converted all column options to a slider
  • Fixed: URL fields are sometimes too wide
  • Fixed: Video Popup block now accepts YouTube & Vimeo URLs instead of only IDs
  • Fixed: Freemius Opt-in first before the welcome screen
  • Changed: Added support forum and rating areas in the welcome screen


  • New: Feature block
  • New: Feature Grid block
  • New: Icon List block
  • Changed: Tweaked left/right padding for medium & large buttons to make them look better.
  • Fixed: Adjusted deprecated type prop in MediaUpload for Gutenberg 4.2
  • Fixed: Scripts are now cache busted
  • Fixed: Gutenberg 4.0 compatibility for detecting empty text


  • Fixed: Missing images for the welcome screen


  • New: Welcome Screen
  • Fixed: Image box block did not show any link fields
  • Fixed: Header block did not follow text alignment
  • Changed: Block icon colors


  • Fixed: Box background color can overwrite some background styles


  • New: Added default color / primary color support for future Stackable theme
  • Fixed: Better box shadow color for non-white body backgrounds
  • Fixed: Boxes now have a white background


  • Fixed: Inline formatting toolbars now show up properly across all blocks
  • Fixed: Possible fix for buggy saving of button labels — RichText edit methods now use RichText.Content save methods.
  • Fixed: Pricing box button urls are the same for every column
  • Fixed: Margin bottom of expand block’s more text


  • Fixed: Button background setting doesn’t get applied.


  • Note: v1.0 is not backward compatible with lower versions, upgrading will most likely weird out your existing blocks. If that happens, you’ll need to redo some of your blocks.
  • New: Standardized styles across all blocks
  • New: Added full-width option for buttons
  • New: Added wide width and full width for CTA and Header blocks
  • Updated: Revamped style of blockquote and pullquote
  • Updated: Tweaked column styles for blocks with 1-3 columns


  • Updated: Rearranged and used color panels for all color settings


  • New: Grouped together all Stackable blocks
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.7.0
  • Updated: Freemius SDK


  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.1.0
  • Fixed: Button line-height with Gutenberg 3.1.0
  • Updated: Freemius SDK


  • New: Card Block
  • New: Pricing Block
  • New: Header Block
  • Fixed: Stackable block icons did not show in Gutenberg 2.6.0


  • Fixed: Notification block warnings
  • Fixed: Testimonial block warnings
  • Fixed: Count Up block icon


  • New: Image box block
  • New: Count up block
  • New: Video Popup block
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 2.4.0
  • Fixed: Removed «0» displayed in Number box when editing


  • New: Expand block
  • New: Number box
  • Fixed: Formatting buttons now appear again in blockquote, button, ghost button and pullquote, call-to-action, notification, team member
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues and changes with Gutenberg 2.2


  • First release