Superb Gutenberg Blocks


Use Superb Gutenberg Blocks to add new awesome features to the WordPress editor in seconds!

Superb Gutenberg Blocks is GDPR compliant, lightweight and responsive.
The plugin is actively developed & new blocks will be added over time, all the block designs are designed to increase your conversion.

About The Author Block

Use this block to easily add a section in the end of your articles where you showcase the article author, link to his/hers social media. You can either get the info from their WordPress user profile or write a fresh one.

  • Import author data from Users or write new author info
  • Translate or customize the «About The Author» headline
  • Add an author bio
  • Add Author instagram link
  • Add author Facebook link
  • Add author twitter link

Table Of Contents Block

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and make your articles more userfriendly by using our table of contents block. It’ll list all article headings with hotlinks so your users an easily skip to a certain part of an article.

  • List all headlines
  • List headlines in hierarchy
  • Minimal & easy readable design
  • Re-check all headings easily
  • Translate/customize TTable Of Contents title

Rating Block

If you own an affiliate website, review products or have your own products then our rating block will help you easily display your ratings in an elegant way. Using a block to display ratings is the fastest way to display your product ratings.

  • Add ratings quick & easy to products, pages & posts
  • Customize/translate rating headline
  • Add unlimited rating bars
  • Add headlines to each rating bar
  • Use rating bar average as overall rating
  • Choose your own rating scale, ie. 1-5 or 1-100


  • Testimonial block
  • Rating Block
  • Table Of Contents Block


Этот плагин предоставляет 3 блока.

  • Superb Author Box
  • Superb Table of Content
  • Superb Rating Block


I do not have a web design background, nor any design training, and I have been able to use the Superb apps on my Wordpress website quite easily. No training required, they are intuitive to set up and then insert into your post. I would definiely recommend these for small business owners, like myself, who do not have a budget to hire a web designer but want a website that looks professional.
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Fixed rare incompatibility issue.


Fixed compatibility issue with WordPress 5.9.2


Minor interface update.


Major code improvements.
Added proper WP escaping.
Changed editor UI to use inspector controls.
Added block previews.