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TaxiMap Integration


This WordPress plugin adds the TaxiMap taxi fare price calculator to your WordPress site. The TaxiMap calculator can be displayed as part of the main content of a page or post by using the shortcode: [taximap] within your post, or it can be added as a widget to your sidebar (or other widget area within your WordPress template).

TaxiMap is a highly configurable journey price calculator based on a price per mile. It uses Google Maps to plot and display routes. It offers many further configuration options, inlcuding:
* Booking alerts via SMS text message to your mobile device (primarily UK)
* Credit card payment processing via multiple providers such as Stripe, Paypal & SagePay
* Multiple vehicle pricing
* Meet & Greet pricing for airport transfers
* Fixed pricing for specific journeys (zone to zone pricing)
* Time based pricing varation (hours of the day or day of year)
* Wait & return pricing
* Posts to your own booking form (option)


A TaxiMap account: TaxiMap


  • Initial TaxiMap screen where journey points are entered (1-taximap-integration-initial-screen.png)
  • Estimated prices shown (2-taximap-integration-show-price-screen.png)
  • Booking screen (3-taximap-integration-booking-screen.png)


Copy the plugin folder to your WordPress plugins directory — typically wp-install-directory/wp-content/plugins/

Activate the plugin:

Log in to the WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
Find the TaxiMap-Integration item and click Activate

Configure your TaxiMap ID:

In the admin menu, click TaxiMap Settings
Enter your TaxiMap.co.uk membership number. You can find this under STATUS on your TaxiMap Profile page, after logging in to https://taximap.co.uk

Add shortcode to a page:

Create (or edit) a page (or post) on your WordPress site where you want your TaxiMap Price Calculator to appear.
Enter the shortcode: [taximap] at the point on the page where you want the calculator to be displayed.

By default, the TaxiMap calculator will take 100% width and 500 pixels in height.
You might want to consider making the page/post a full-width page (no sidebar).
You can modify the proportions by either modifying the taximap.css file (using the plugin editor) or by adding your own CSS properties for the class: .taximap iframe

Add a widget to your sidebar:

From the WordPress admin page menu, select Widgets from the Appearance section.
Under ‘Available Widgets’ look for the item named TaxiMap and drag it to you preferred widget area (on the right)
Expand the new widget and enter a title (abitrary text of your discerning), your TaxiMap Membership no (as described above), and the height you wish the widget to have on your sidebar/widget area.

For more details and screenshots, see TaxiMap Blog

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Where do I configure jouney price calculation settings?

All price calculations settings are configured from within your TaxiMap Account

Where can I get installation help?



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