This plugin is for WooCommerce. At the moment, minimal functionality is offered, but it will expand over time. What our plugin does at the moment:
* the plugin adds a custom field on the checkout page where the buyer is invited to click on the link to receive notifications about the order status change via the Telegram messenger;
* the plugin adds a page in the admin panel for setting up a Telenote service account and setting up the notifications themselves;
* the plugin is able to send notifications to the client and the administrator about the creation of an order and about a change in the order status.
* the text of messages can be customized using different placeholders.


  • Custom field on checkout page
  • Plugin settings on admin page

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is the invitation displayed to unregistered users?

No, the invitation is shown only to registered users.

How can I not send SMS, but only a message in Telegram?

Write to us at what plugins (name and version) you use to send SMS and we will add the necessary code to our plugin so that you can save money.


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  • Here we are. Release v1.0.0!