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Please note: This plugin is no longer actively supported for new customers.

For the next generation of VaultPress technology, we recommend Jetpack Security. It includes real-time backups, malware scanning, anti-spam comment protection, and a new Web Application Firewall (WAF) for ultimate WordPress site security.


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A Jetpack VaultPress subscription is for a single WordPress site.


01.08.2022 2 ответа
I’ve been a paying customer for VaultPress for years, then one of their representatives, or what they call «happiness engineers» just disconnecting my account. She discovered I had two accounts and without my permission she disconnected one so I would only have one. But she disconnected the wrong one. She didn’t ask me if she should do this, she just did it. I still haven’t been able to reconnect it. Pat M.
12.11.2020 1 ответ
Was doing manual backups, but for only $3.50 a month I get peace of mind from automatic backups. Would be great if I got a badge next the VaultPress menu option on the sidebar indicating I have a message about a backup issue, so I don’t have to click on VaultPress to see if backups are working. I ran into an issue where the backup process was caught in an endless loop and I did not have a backup for several days. I only found out about the issue by clicking on VaultPress and seeing the notice my site had not been backed up in several days. It would also be great to add an option to wp-cli to get the latest message and/or list of previous backups and date/time of them.
13.09.2020 1 ответ
This is the worst merge plugin with Jetpack. It’s 10pm. Not keeping their promises of keeping tech support (free) on this forum
09.07.2020 15 ответов
Support gives the impression that they have no interest in their customers. ALmost as if they don’t want the work and prefer to palm off people to avoid work at all cost. Very unprofessional and a totally inept attitude.
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