Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Voice Forms



This plugin adds voice data entry and voice search features to your website that optimize user experience. Upon installation you’ll be able to choose from 130+ languages we support and instantly add a microphone to every search bar, form field, and a floating icon to every page or take advantage of the Elementor Microphone widget to enable voice input and search.

Users have expressed how Voice Forms and Surveys have helped them to collect longer, more complete, and detailed answers from people using their website.

Our service helps you to stay compliant with privacy regulations because we do not store or retain any user generated content or personally identifying information. As one of the earliest members and contributors to The Open Voice Network, a Community of The Linux Foundation, we have made it our goal to deliver services in voice tech that meet even the most demanding standards and guidelines.

This free version of our plugin will only support Chrome browsers and a smaller set our natural language AI service. A license key is not needed for the free version.

An active, valid, and recognized SSL Certificate and HTTPS website are required to use our plugin and services. This is only one small part of how we protect privacy of your visitors and security of your website.

The Pro version available on our website adds support for all modern browsers and platforms as well as our full set of language models. Visit our website for current Pro rates, customization services, and to obtain a license key to unlock the full suite of services this amazing plugin has to offer.


Speak2web builds with Accessibility in mind and voice is the ultimate tool for usability, ease of access, and speed of service. We’ll help you to deliver enhancements that help you provide a better experience for all users. We are always looking for ongoing accessibility improvements to our plugins as well.

Amazon Web Services:
speak2web is hosting its cloud services in AWS infrastructure. We are utilizing services such AWS Gateway API, AWS compute Services, AWS storage and AWS database services. We post data to Amazon Web Services for storing user databases.
[AWS Services:] (https://aws.amazon.com)
[The AWS privacy terms can be reviewed here:] (https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/)

Supported Languages

This plugin supports 130 different languges.
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT the languge that matches your web page.
Example languages supported:
* English
* German
* Portuguese
* Chinese
* French
* Japanese
* Korean
* Spanish
* Arabic
* Danish
* Dutch
* Norwegian
* Hindi
* Polish
* Russian
* and many more


  • Voice Forms plugin adds Voice input to Web Form
  • Voice Forms plugin transcribing voice recording on FireFox
  • Voice Forms plugin recording voice input
  • Voice Forms plugin recording voice search input
  • Voice Forms plugin wordpress settings page
  • Voice Forms plugin recording voice input on iOS
  • Voice Forms plugin transcribing voice input on iOS
  • Voice Forms plugin language selection


Manual Installation

  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin console.
  2. Click on «Plugins/Add New» on the right-hand navigation bar
  3. Either search for the «Voice Forms» plugin on the wordpress.org plugin store or upload the ZIP file obtained from https://speak2web.com
  4. Activate the plugin
    Optional install license key to support all browsers and platforms
  5. Navigate to «Settings/Voice Forms» on right hand navigation bar
  6. Copy the license key you obtained from https://speak2web.com into the «license key» field and press «Save Settings» button
  7. Ensure the license key activated correctly

Detailed instructions on how to install and configure the plugin can be found here:
[Support Web Page:] (https://speak2web.com/support/)

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I get a license key for the Pro version

You can visit our website and select the Pro upgrade for Universal Voice Search.

Does this work for WooCommerce websites?

No. We have created a voice search and voice shopping assistant version of our service specifically for WooCommerce. A free version with the same requirements and limitations is available here on WordPress.org and a Pro version is available on our website

Why do I need a license key for Pro?

While we are able to deliver a free service on Chrome using tools built into the browser itself we need to use our enterprise class AI technology for speech to text services to deliver an optimized experience across all platforms.
A license key to enable this functionality can be obtained at our web store.
You can see more details at the speak2web web page [Plugin Details] (https://speak2web.com/plugin/#plan)

How does the plugin work

The plugin adds a microphone symbol to every search bar on the web page. The plugin will engaged the microphone, transcribe the spoken words into the search bar and engage the web page’s search functionality.

The plugin is able to detect the end of speech on all platforms allowing the user to simply click the microphone to start the recording and wait for the search
to take place.

Do I need a security certificate for my web page?

It is required to have an active, valid, current, and widely recognized SSL certificate and use a https URL. In order to provide an ethical and privacy focused service we do not allow microphone access unless the URL is secured.

Example Usage

  1. The microphone button added to the search form by the plugin.
  2. You can see a couple of examples right here: Videos


This plugin accesses a number of cloud services to perform the voice dialog functionality. In general, the API’s accessed are either speak2web cloud services hosted in AWS or IBM Watson Cloud Services.
The detailed privacy implications can be found below.

Cloud Calls Issued by the Plugin

  • During Install / Setup
    The first cloud call will take place when the license key is being entered and activated. This call will invoke a speak2web cloud service to validate the license key and provision cloud resources for the AI
    to be used.

  • On loading of the plugin on a page
    Every time the plugin is loaded onto a page, a call is issued to the a speak2web service to retrieve a valid token to access our enteprise grade and partner services.

  • When a voice request is being issued
    When the user clicks the microphone to issue a voice command, additional cloud calls are being placed to our enteprise grade AI and partner services to transcribe the recorded audio
    To process the request the plugin will call a speak2web cloud service to process the natural language request and prepare a response.


speak2web is making an effort to ensure privacy of the users of this service. As such, this plugin and the associated service DO NOT correlate IP Addresses or other personal data like browser history etc. to
the transcript of the voice interaction. The speak2web does NOT store voice recordings, but we do retain anonymous transcript of the dialog in logs for a short period of time.
More detail about the service utilized and the privacy statements related to these services can be found below.

Terms of Use and usage of 3rd Party Services

This plugin invokes a number of cloud services to perform the speech to text function (STT), analyses natural language requests and perform a natural dialog.
The services are all provided through your speak2web subscription service. By using the speak2web voice dialog-navigation service you also agree to the terms of use and privacy terms of the
following 3rd party services:

Amazon Web Services:
speak2web is hosting its cloud services in AWS infrastructure. We are utilizing services such AWS Gateway API, AWS compute Services, AWS storage and AWS database services.
[AWS Services:] (https://aws.amazon.com)
[The AWS privacy terms can be reviewed here:] (https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/)

IBM WATSON Cloud Services:
speak2web is utilizing the following IBM Cloud Services as part of this plugin:
[IBM STT:] (https://www.ibm.com/watson/services/speech-to-text/)

[The Terms of IBM Cloud Services] (https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/overview/terms-of-use?topic=overview-terms#terms_details)
[IBM Cloud Service Privacy Statement] (https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/overview/terms-of-use?topic=overview-terms#privacy_policy)

speak2web Voice Forms Service:
This plugin requires a subscription to the speak2web [«WP Voice Forms Service»] (https://speak2web.com/plugin/#plan)
The subscription give access to the speak2web voice service which is utilizing the 3rd party services listed above.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees to the privacy terms of speak2web and the 3rd party services listed above.

The cloud service does stream audio data to the IBM Watson STT service while the recording is active, but we DO NOT keep a copy of the audio recording.
The transcript of the spoken request is being kept in logs for a period of time but CANNOT BE RELATED to the user it came from. The service DOES NOT track IP addressed or other
personally, identifiable data. The transcript remains anonymous in the logs and CAN NOT be associated with the person it came from.

[speak2web terms of use] (https://speak2web.com/voice-dialog-service-terms/)
[speak2web privacy policy] (https://speak2web.com/privacy-policy/)


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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений


  • Initial version


  • Improve Timeout for textarea


  • Added floating Microphone for dynamic search bar
  • Added additional lanaguges:
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Spanish


  • Added warning for not secure sites
  • Added British English
  • Tested WP 5.3


  • Fixed formating issue with mic being off center


  • Allow floating microphone to be positioned at 6 different locations on the page
  • Fixed formatting issue with disappearing mic


  • Auto detect languge settings of Web page and adjust default language of the plugin if possible


  • Addes support for 130 languages
  • Added high quality voice audio response
  • Removed Go Pro Banner


  • Fixed formatting issue


  • Fixed missing mic in text field
  • Improved Speech to Text AI performance


  • API fixes
  • Verified for WP 5.7.2


  • Security Enhancements
  • Verified for WP 6.0.1


  • Correcting Merge Issue

* Added Elementor support
* Upgraded to WordPress 6.1.1
* Upgraded to PHP 8.0

* Improved Mic Icon
* Improve audio file handling on upgrade
* Added keyboard activation for mouseless operation
* Upgraded to WordPress 6.2.2