Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce


Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce is developed to improve the current WooCommerce URL configuration features and provide your store with better display options and additional SEO capabilities to adhere to WooCommerce SEO Audit standards.

Основные преимущества по сравнению с аналогами

  • Automatic adding of the ‘rel = canonical’ attribute, which eliminates duplicate pages in the search results and is highly recommended by most search engines.
  • Оптимизирована скорость работы, даже в магазинах с большим количеством товаров — от 100К.
  • Один интерфейс для настройки — что позволяет провести все настройки постоянных ссылок для вашего интернет-магазина на одной странице.
  • Полностью протестирован на совместимость с основными плагинами для WooCommerce.

Основные возможности плагина

  • Возможность сформировать URL для товара таким образом, чтобы видно было только его ярлык
  • Возможность сформировать URL для товара таким образом, чтобы он состоял с ярлыков товара и его основной категории
  • Возможность сформировать URL для товара таким образом, чтобы он состоял с ярлыка товара и иерархии его категорий
  • Возможность сформировать URL для категории товара таким образом, чтобы видно было только ее ярлык
  • Возможность сформировать URL для категории товара таким образом, чтобы был виден ее ярлык и ярлыки иерархии категорий
  • Возможность выбрать основную категорию для формирования URL товара
  • Автоматическое проставление атрибута rel=canonical, согласно рекомендациям поисковых систем, что дает гарантию отсутствия дублей страниц в поисковой выдаче.

Additional features available in Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce Premium only:

Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce Premium

  • Возможность забрать префикс с URL тегов товаров
  • Автоматическое добавление 301 редиректов на дубликаты страниц для улучшения SEO и навигации по сайту.


You can see how it works on the Storefront theme here:

Вы можете посмотреть на плагин в работе на демо темы SalesZone: .

Plus, you can create your personal demo store and test this plugin together with Premmerce Premium
and all other Premmerce plugins and themes developed by our team here: Premmerce WooCommerce Demo.

Данный плагин полностью протестирован на совместимость с

  • Базовым функционалом WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • WPML WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Всеми плагинами Premmerce


  • The plugin settings

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Влияет ли работа плагина на быстродействие магазина в целом?

We have tested how the plugin works with the basic WooCommerce kit and the standard storefront theme and haven’t noticed any influence on the response rate of the store.

Не создает ли плагин дублей ссылок, не повлияет ли на поисковую оптимизацию?

The plugin works perfectly with the Yoast SEO plugin installed. No link duplicates are generated. All similar URLs are automatically tagged as canonical in accordance with the search engines’ recommendations.

Where do I report security bugs found in this plugin?

Please report security bugs found in the source code of this plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment, and notify the developers of this plugin.


Full documentation is available here: Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce

Installation Instructions

Go to Plugins -> Add New section from your admin account and search for Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce.

You can also install this plugin manually:
* Download the plugin’s ZIP archive and unzip it.
* Copy the unzipped permalink-manager folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
* Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


I think this plugin is way too overpriced and to top it off you cant test most of the plugins features to see if its compatible with your setup until you pay. I found another plugin that does the same thing for free.
I have been a loyal user of the Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce plugin for quite some time and, until recently, had been quite pleased with its performance. However, my recent experience has left me disappointed and frustrated, prompting me to reconsider my choice. The primary issue revolves around the plugin’s lack of compatibility with the latest WooCommerce HPOS update. In my attempts to keep my site up to date and take advantage of the promised improvements in speed, user experience, and security, I found myself at a crossroads. Despite reaching out to the support team, my inquiries about a potential update or timeline for compatibility with HPOS were met with silence. This lack of responsiveness and transparency from the developers is disheartening. As a user, I rely on timely updates and clear communication about the plugin’s roadmap. Unfortunately, the absence of information regarding compatibility with crucial WooCommerce updates has left me with no choice but to explore alternative solutions. While the Premmerce Permalink Manager did serve its purpose well in the past, the current situation has forced me to reevaluate its effectiveness. A plugin that fails to adapt to the latest industry standards and lacks a clear roadmap for future compatibility raises concerns about its long-term viability. In conclusion, the Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce falls short when it comes to keeping up with the latest WooCommerce updates. For users like myself, who value staying current with industry advancements, this plugin’s lack of responsiveness has become a significant drawback. I am now actively searching for alternatives that can provide the necessary compatibility and support for my evolving e-commerce needs.
Very useful Perfect plugin for our site!! Easy to setup and use
03.03.2023 1 ответ
Colocan la opcion de agregar link de productos cuando mas abajo dice que es por pago… Que engaño y perdida de dinero.
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Журнал изменений

2.3.11 (21st February 2024)

  • Security: Local file inclusion vulnerability fix (Thanks to Rafie Muhammad — Patchstack)

2.3.10 (26th November 2023)

  • New: WooCommerce HPOS compatibility
  • New: WooCommerce 8.3.1 compatibility

2.3.9 (19th July 2023)

  • Security: Freemius SDK updated to 2.5.10

2.3.8 (11th January 2023)

  • Improvement: PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • Improvement: Freemius SDK updated to 2.5.3

2.3.7 (6th July 2022)

  • Fix: Product URLs now working correctly without 404s, due to v2.3.6

2.3.6 (4th July 2022)

  • Fix: Redirected URL now keeps the query strings from the original URL
  • Fix: Child category URLs now redirecting correctly after altering the category setting
  • Fix: Breadcrumbs URL now using the home URL instead of site URL


Release Date: Mar 3, 2022

  • Update — Сode for PHP Coding Standards


Release Date: Jan 20, 2022

  • Update — WooCommerce compatibility version to 6.1.0
  • Update — WordPress compatibility version to 5.8.3


Release Date: Jul 29, 2021

  • Add — Affiliate Program
  • Update — Languages


Release Date: Jul 5, 2021

  • Add — New design pricing page
  • Add — Spanish language translation
  • Add — Bundles and Save tab
  • Fix — Small bugs


Release Date: March 25, 2021

  • Updated Freemius SDK to 2.4.2
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Release Date: December 15, 2020

  • Added new feature «Breadcrumbs Support»
  • Added new feature «Replace the product slug with an SKU»
  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility version to 4.8
  • Updated WordPress compatibility version to 5.6
  • Updated Freemius SDK to 2.4.1
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Release Date: May 18, 2020

  • Polylang compatibility
  • new feature «Url suffix»
  • support new symbols
  • minor improvements


Release Date: March 26, 2020

  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility version to 4.0.1


Release Date: Feb 20, 2020

  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility version to 3.9
  • Updated WordPress compatibility version to 5.3
  • Updated Freemius SDK to 2.3.2


Release Date: Sep 12, 2019

  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility version to 3.7


Release Date: Jun 24, 2019

  • Update Freemius to 2.3.0
  • Update Premmerce SDK to 2.1


Release Date: May 2, 2019

  • Fix canonical redirect from product with non published status


Release Date: Apr 22, 2019

  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility version to 3.6


Release Date: Mar 12, 2019

  • Fixed category slug translated with WPML


Release Date: Mar 1, 2019

  • Security fix


Release Date: Dec 20, 2018

  • Fixed bug with cyrillic symbols in product slug
  • Updated freemius version


Release Date: Nov 29, 2018

  • Fixed updater


Release Date: Nov 27, 2018

  • Fixed updater


Release Date: Nov 14, 2018

  • Updated freemius version to 2.1.3
  • Added WooCommerce 3.5 support


Release Date: Aug 2, 2018

  • Fixed upgrade page


Release Date: Jul 31, 2018

  • Fixed cyrillic slugs
  • Fixed WPML language url trailing slash
  • Fixed AMP redirects
  • Fixed tag permalinks updates


Release Date: Jun 22, 2018

  • Fixed user trailing slash
  • Fixed plugin updater scripts
  • Added WooCommerce 3.4 support
  • Added AMP support
  • Removed freemius menu subitems
  • Updated premmerce SDK


Release Date: May 18, 2018

  • Fixed payment redirect
  • Fixed undefined index when product has no category


Release Date: Apr 19, 2018

  • Fixed product comments pagination
  • Fixed WPML term link
  • Fixed private product link
  • Fixed product hierarchical permalink
  • Updated settings interface
  • Added «YOAST» primary category
  • Added canonicals
  • Added remove tag base to premium version
  • Added redirects to premium version


Release Date: Feb 02, 2018

  • Added WooCommerce 3.3.0 support
  • Updated translations


Release Date: Jan 24, 2018

  • Updated freemius sdk
  • Fixed the dependency check on multisite


Release Date: Dec 06, 2017

  • Fixed product comments pagination
  • Added Premmerce icon to menu
  • Added Premmerce version check
  • Added WordPress 4.9.1 support
  • Added WooCommerce 3.2.5 support


Release Date: Nov 20, 2017

  • Added WordPress 4.9 support
  • Added WooCommerce 3.2.4 support


Release Date: Oct 31, 2017

  • Added premmerce SDK
  • Added freemius SDK
  • Added php 5.6 support
  • Added WooCommerce version check annotations
  • Fixed behavior with unresolved plugin dependencies
  • Fixed bug when domain has same name as url prefix
  • Fixed bug with plain settings
  • Fixed bug with rewrite rules after plugin install


Release Date: Sep 26, 2017

  • Fixed a bug with wrong translation domain
  • Updated FileManager


Release Date: July 24, 2017

  • Initial release