Этот плагин закрыт и более недоступен для скачивания.


21.11.2016 1 ответ
Free version does not include any way to categorize wiki posts, not categories or labels. all you have is a list of wiki's on the same level
17.10.2016 3 ответа
How wpumdev even got this big, with scam like this? Stay away from this!
03.09.2016 1 ответ
I've been searching for a Wikipedia-style wiki (i.e., MediaWiki) and thought that I'd found it with WPMUDEV WordPress Wiki. I was wrong! In my opinion: This has some of the features that one would expect when installing a MediaWiki wiki but, really, there's no separation between WP users and the Wiki users so WP accounts must be created for all Wiki contributors. This begs the question: Why bother with a Wiki then? e.g., Discussions? The discussions are a simple, flat thread embedded in the Wiki article itself - just like Wikipedia/Mediawiki. However, they are not a full-featured discussion forum (e.g., bbPress). IMHO: This is not a scalable solution for discussion. User Managment? Wiki users are just regular, WP users. Granting users access to the wiki requires granting them access to the WP Dashboard. IMHO: 1) The Principle of Least Privilege applies here. 2) This is not a scalable solution as your list of Wiki users will become irreversibly commingled with your list of WP users AFAICT. Revision Control? While not as rich as the side-by-side comparison that Wikipedia/Mediawiki prvides, it works and is fairly simple to understand. Markup? AFAICT the WYSIWIG editor is the only way to edit articles. Automation? e.g., TOC, Index, Glossary, Tool tips, Ratings, Newest/Popular pages? Not as far as I can tell - but I'm using the free version. In the end: I may either... 1) Create a page in WP and embed an installation of MediaWiki inside an iframe on that page, or; 2) Create the site content in WP and add plugins/widgets for the extra functionality that I'm needing (e.g., Article ratings, Glossary, Index, Tool tips, and discussion forums). My advice: The only way to cut through the FUD is: 1) Read all of these reviews. 2) Read the support requests looking for "red flags".
Not a wiki, just custom post types. It doesn't even work, wiki pages are empty. http://domain.url/wiki just shows the WP standard blog with all your entries and, ironically, it doesn't show the wiki posts. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. You can do exactly the same this plugin is supposed to do, with WP core. The plugin's name and its description are just lies. BTW, 4 sentences for the free plugin's description and x4 for the paid one. Even the video is for the paid version. Shame on you, WPMU DEV.
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