WP Data Access


WP Data Access is a powerful data administration, publication and development tool that allows you to perform database related tasks from your WordPress dashboard. An intuitive user interface helps to create fully responsive publications and data administration pages. No programming skills required!

For advanced users, the plugin support more complex features like remote database access, master-detail pages, lookups, WordPress role integration, WordPress user integration and a layer around your WordPress database which allows you to add database table and view specific functionality like dynamic hyperlinks and WordPress media library integration.

Dashboards and data widgets

Design your own dashboards using custom data widget

  • Manage all your data on one location
  • Share data widgets on back-end, public and external pages (PREMIUM)

Data Publisher

Publish responsive tables

  • Easy level: no coding skills required
  • Advanced level: JSON configuration
  • Expert level: add custom JavaScript functions
  • Export to CSV, Excel, PDF and SQL (PREMIUM)
  • Print publication (PREMIUM)
  • Copy publication to clipboard (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)


Create charts from SQL queries (Query Builder integration)

  • Bar, column, line and pie charts, histograms, gauges and data tables

Data Explorer

Data and database administration

  • Manage local and remote databases
  • Import and exports multiple formats
  • WordPress Media Library integration
  • Inline editing (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)

Query Builder

Execute SQL directly from your WordPress dashboard

  • Work on multiple SQL queries simultaneously (using tabs)
  • Save and reuse queries
  • Protects WordPress table structures and data

Data Projects

Write your own WordPress apps

  • Auto generated CRUD pages (including parent-child relationships and lookups)
  • WordPress role integration
  • WordPress media library integration
  • Accessible from the WordPress dashboard and public pages
  • Inline editing (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)

Data Forms (PREMIUM)

State of the art responsive data apps

  • Turn your Data Project into a responsive data app (no additional configuration needed)

Geolocation (PREMIUM)

Turn your database table into searchable map

  • Google Maps integration
  • Define map settings per table
  • Dynamic marker layout configuration
  • Use static or user location
  • Search map within adjustable radius

Data Designer

Create tables and indexes

  • Create and alter tables and indexes
  • Supports reverse engineering and reconciliation

Plugin Settings

Manage plugin behaviour, style and security

  • Many detailed plugin settings
  • User access and permission
  • Integrated WordPress role management

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(1) Upload the WP Data Access plugin to your blog
(2) Activate it
(3) Navigate to the WP Data Access menu

1, 2, 3 and you’re done!


This is the only plugin that allows access database and edit/delete table from the WordPress dashboard. Thanks to the developer.
This plugin has everything you need to manage tables (wp and your own) and publish them. It allows you to pre-publish data under user role control and then to make it available on your website in different formats using shortcodes. We use it to manage a data which changes on a weekly basis (pickleball ladder tournaments). It is ideal for this project. Truly an environment which allows you to create an application without having to worry about re-inventing the wheel. No hesitation in recommending it to anyone willing to experiment and learn.
A great plugin served by a hyperactive and sympathetic author who listens to your needs! Clean and rigorous documentation and tutorials. A real academic job! WP Data Access is the only serious solution I have found to meet my need to set up a data management application under WP without coding. To be tested and used without moderation!`
Works perfectly. It really helped me out with database edits since my client's phpMyAdmin was inaccessible. Thanks again for an amazing plugin!
Great for when people come to you with a wordpress problem but can't find their hosting logins.
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