WP Database Backup


WP Database Backup plugin helps you to create Database Backup and Restore Database Backup easily on single click.Manual or Automated Database Backups And also store database backup on safe place- Dropbox,FTP,Email,Google drive, Amazon S3

Возможности плагина

  • Create Database Backup
    WP Database Backup plugin helps you to create Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Autobackup
    Backup automatically on a repeating schedule
  • Download backup file direct from your WordPress dashboard
  • Easy To Install(Very easy to use)
    WP Database Backup is super easy to install.
  • Simple to configure(very less configuration), less than a minute.
  • Restore Database Backup
    WP Database Backup plugin helps you to Restore Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Multiple storage destinations
  • Store database backup on safe place- Dropbox,Google drive,Amazon s3,FTP,Email
  • Reporting- Sends emailed backups and backup reports to any email addresses
  • Exclude Table
  • Database backup list pagination
  • Search backup from list(Date/ Database Size)
  • Sort backup list (Date/ Database Size)
  • Save database backup file in zip format on local server And Send database backup file to destination in zip format
  • Documentation

Few of the Key Features

  • Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Autobackup.
  • Restore Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Store database backup on safe place- Dropbox,Google drive,Amazon s3,FTP,Email.
  • Pagination.
  • Search and sort database backup feature.
  • Documentation

Get Pro ‘WP All Backup’ Plugin

WP All Backup will backup and restore your entire site at will, complete with FTP & S3 integration

Pro Features

  • Complete Backup
  • Создать резервную копию базы данных всего за один клик.
  • Autobackup Backup automatically on a repeating schedule
  • Backup Listing : Pagination.
  • Manual backup
  • Multisite compatible
  • Backup entire site
  • Exclude specific folders and files
  • Downloadable log files
  • Simple one-click restore
  • Set number of backups to store
  • Automatically remove oldest backup
  • Multiple storage destinations
  • FTP integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Google drive integration
  • Amazon s3 integration
  • Email Notification
  • Reporting- Sends emailed backups and backup reports to any email addresses
  • ZipArchive
  • Backup zip labeled with the site name(Help when backing up multiple sites).
  • Выберите тип резервного копирования: Только база данных, Только файлы, Полная резервная копия.
  • Inline Help
  • Search backup from list(Date/Size)
  • Sort backup list (Date/Size)
  • Easy To Install(Very easy to use)
  • Simple to configure(very less configuration).
  • PclZip
  • Clone Site
  • Move Site
  • Change Backup folder name
  • Uses zip and mysqldump for faster back ups if they are available.
  • Exclude Tables from your back ups.
  • System Check (i.e backup folder permission, execution time etc)
  • Disk space checkup(memory available).
  • Support
  • Статусы
  • And More….

Pro Version



Official Site

  • https://www.wpseeds.com/documentation/docs/wp-database-backup
  • https://www.wpseeds.com/wp-database-backup/
  • https://www.wpseeds.com/product/wp-all-backup/
  • https://wpallbackup.com
  • https://walkeprashant.wordpress.com/wp-database-backup/
  • http://walkeprashant.in
  • walke.prashant28@gmail.com


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  • screenshot-4.png


  1. Download the plugin file, unzip and place it in your wp-content/plugins/ folder. You can alternatively upload it via the WordPress plugin backend.
  2. Активируйте плагин на странице «Плагины» в панели управления WordPress.
  3. WP Database Backup menu will appear in Dashboard->Tool->WP-DB-Backup. Click on it & get started to use.

Refer bellow link for more information

  • https://wpallbackup.com/documentation

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q-How to create database Backup?

Follow the steps listed below to Create Database Backup

Create Backup:

1) Click on Create New Database Backup

2) Download Database Backup file.

Q-How to restore database backup?

Restore Backup:

Click on Restore Database Backup


1)Login to phpMyAdmin

2)Click Databases and select the database that you will be importing your data into.

3)Across the top of the screen will be a row of tabs. Click the Import tab.

4)On the next screen will be a location of text file box, and next to that a button named Browse.

5)Click Browse. Locate the backup file stored on your computer.

6)Click the Go button

Q-Always get an empty (0 bits) backup file?

Ans-This is generally caused by an access denied problem.

You don’t have permission to write in the wp-content/uploads.

Please check if you have the read write permission on the folder.

Q.On Click Create New Database Backup it goes to blank page.

Ans: if the site is very large, it takes time to create the database backup. And if the server execution time is set to low value, you get go to blank page.
There may be chance your server max execution time is 30 second. Please check debug log file.
You will need to ask your hosting services to increase the execution time and the plugin will work fine for large data.
You can also try to increase execution time. Please make below changes – Add below line


max_execution_time = 180 ;

Also Please make sure that you have write permission to Backup folder and also check your log file.

Q.want more features?

If you want more feature then
Drop Mail :walke.prashant28@gmail.com
Pro Features : https://wpallbackup.com

  • https://wpallbackup.com/documentation


Апрель 24, 2019
This plugin is easy to use and features scheduled backups even in the free version. The UI is easy to understand and it just works, simple as that!
Апрель 12, 2019
It is also quite fast in comparison to some other backup tools. The backups itself are working fine, I had to restore a page from the pure SQL file and there were no problems. It is fair to charge money for advanced functionalities as long as the free version is working well, thank you very much. Would be nice to show a some moving progress bar if taking a manual backup though, such that users may not be irritated and think the page "hangs" or "freezes".
Июнь 25, 2018
just bought the Pro version and it works flawlesly i`ve set up the backups to be sent to my unlimited Google Drive account great plugin, i`ve always wanted a plugin who automaticaly backups my SQL databases and stores them securely in my drive account. cheers
Июнь 15, 2018
I had a slight issue with the plugin and submitted a support ticket. They were very fast and really nice to work with. Was able to get back up and running quickly! I really like the flexibility of the plugin.
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Журнал изменений


  • 04-05-2019
  • Added loading icon on create backup action for show inprogress backup action.


  • 30-04-2019
  • Security Changes — Fixed Vulnerability


  • 22-04-2019
  • Fixed Vulnerability — XSS issue


  • 23-02-2019
  • Fixed Vulnerability


  • 02-02-2019
  • Added Confirmation box to the restore and delete backup


  • 13-01-2019
  • Fixed WordPress Plugin Security Vulnerability : curl


  • 12-11-2018
  • Changelog order reversal


  • 29-10-2018
  • Resolved page breaks SSL wp-admin with insecure images issue


  • 22-10-2018
  • Fix Restore a database issue


  • 21-08-2018
  • Changes referance and document URL


  • 07-08-2018
  • Fixed bug
  • Changes in email notification templete text


  • 16-05-2018
  • Lightweight — Remove unwanted file
  • UI Changes


  • 23-03-2018
  • Added : display destination icon in backup list
  • UI Changes


  • 08-03-2018
  • Add Setting -Enable/Disable .htaccess File In Storage Directory


  • 08-01-2018
  • Fixed uergent bug ticket #2680


  • 08-01-2018
  • Changed documentation/help url


  • 26-10-2017
  • Changed : Email(Destination) subject for identify domains.


  • 28-09-2017
  • Fixed issue : Update caused fatal error: Can’t return function value Dropbox_upload.php


  • 27-09-2017
  • Migrated to Dropbox API V2
  • Dropbox API v1 shutdown — 28-09-2017


  • 20-09-2017
  • Fixed UI log popover display issue


  • 29-08-2017
  • If Class ZipArchive Not Present then create zip using PclZip


  • 02-08-2017
  • Added Setting : Remove local backup
  • If Checked then it will remove local backup.


  • 01-06-2017
  • Changed icon


  • 06-12-2016
  • Changed label Minimum Local Backups to Maximum Local Backups in Setting Tab


  • 21-10-2016
  • Fixed CSRF vulnerabilities issue (suggestion by Tristan)


  • 20-10-2016
  • Add Option Enable/Disable destination.


  • 09-09-2016
  • Add Option Clear all old/temp database backup files (resolve isssue for low disk space)


  • 04-08-2016
  • Fixed CSRF and XSS vuln issue (suggestion by Chen Ruiqi)


  • 02-08-2016
  • resolved urgent bug


  • 01-08-2016
  • Fixed CSRF and XSS vuln issue


  • 07-07-2016
  • Fixed Amazon s3 collapse tab issue
  • Added documentation links in Help tab


  • 24-06-2016
  • Added New Feature : Amazon s3 integration.
  • Fixed Vulnerability : prevent direct download


  • 20-06-2016
  • Added New Feature : Google drive integration.
  • Changes in email notification template
  • Add new Tab : Subscribe


  • 04-05-2016
  • Resolved : time out error.
  • Resolved : undefined function ftp_connect error.
  • Changed : look and feel.


  • 28-04-2016
  • Added : Disk space checkup(memory available).


  • 24-04-2016
  • Added New Tab : System Check (i.e backup folder permission, execution time etc)


  • 14-04-2016
  • Compatible wordpress version 4.5 : Depricated function : mysql_real_escape_string. use _real_escape insted mysql_real_escape_string
  • Resolved issue : PHP Strict Standards: mktime(). use the time() function instead mktime().



Resolved issue : The website is built under a directory i.e. www.xyz.com/demo


  • 06-03-2016
  • Uses mysqldump for faster back ups if they are available.


  • 03-12-2015
  • Added Twice Daily Auto Database Backup Frequency
  • Resolved bug :Warning: Cannot modify header information(FTP)


  • Removed PHP warnings
  • For more info visit : http://www.wpseeds.com/blog/release-new-version-3-7-wp-database-backup/


  • Exclude Tables.
  • Add drop down button for Quick setting view, Update notifications


  • Backup zip labeled with the site name(Help when backing up multiple sites).
  • Changes in Email Notification template.


  • Improve security(CSRF protection): Validate that the contents of the form request came from the current site and not somewhere else.


New Feature : Save database backup file in zip format on local server.


  • Added Setting Tab.
  • Added Feature:Minimum number of Local Database Backups(Setting Tab).
  • Added Feature:Enable Error Log(Setting Tab).
  • Resolved Error: Undefined index: page
  • Changes in Email Notification template.


Added Support and Documantation link in help section.

Resolved .htasses file issue(remove create .htasses file code).


  • Added log message.
  • Send database backup to destination in zip format.
  • Download database backup file in zip format.
  • Resoled Database information tab issue.


  • Added Hourly Auto Database Backup Frequency
  • Added Advance Feature Tab.


  • Added new tab- Database information.
  • Include random number in the file name(Improve security).
  • Added .htaccess file in db-backup directory for prevent database dump listing(Improve security).


  • Added new Feature
  • Database backup list pagination
  • Search backup (Date/ Database Size)
  • Sort backup list (Date/ Database Size)


  • Fixed Vulnerability


  • Fixed Dropbox issue ( it saves me a «backup» that weight 0KB.)


  • Fixed bug: Conflict issue with Disqus Comments System, NextGen Gallery etc.


  • Store Database Backup FTP,Dropbox,Email
  • Email Notification
  • fixed bug: Warning: Illegal offset type in /wp-admin/includes/template.php
  • Fixed bug: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘enable_autobackups


  • Restore Database Backup on singe click
  • Change look and feel


*Plugin Created