DeepL Pro API translation plugin


This plugin allows you to use DeepL translation API to translate posts ( and pages ) right from your WordPress Admin.
Adds a translate button to the edit post page.
Shows current and remaining API usage.
This plugin requires an active DeepL API subscription with access to the API.
Please note that DeepL Starter/Advanced/Ultimate plans do NOT include API access.
You have to get a «DeepL API» plan.

Want to bulk translate ? Get the Bulk Translate extension

Update 2021/01 : Gutenberg compatibility more better improved. Thanks to @soean
Update 2020/10 : Gutenberg compatibility improved.
Update 2020/08 : Gutenberg compatibility done. A mere two years late.
Update 2020/07 : yes, I’m working on a Gutenberg compatibility + a Pro version to batch translate.


  • To be used with an active DeepL Pro Subscription


  1. Upload plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Enter your API key in the Settings/DeepL settings page


It's working as from 1.5.2 --- This is what I receive as a Message. Gutenberg is not compatible with WPDeepL yet. Please use Classic Editor. I have Version 1.5.0 and a running DEPPL Pro with API. Why is this? You wrote you implemented Gutenberg support?
I understand that DeepL is just a translator and doesn't replace a multilingual plugin, but I don't understand why it's not yet ready for Gutenberg, as it is the standard editor for WordPress since over 1.5 years. As the plugin is not useful to me and the paid API neither I also cancelled my developer subscription (which is necessary to use the API). Besides: A combination of the DeepL pro and developer account is impossible.
I had tried this plugin a few months ago but unfortunately it wasn't ready at that time. It didn't work. I just tried again a few weeks ago and to my great joy it worked perfectly after the updates that were made on it. On the other hand, all the languages of DeepL are supported except Portuguese. I also want to translate my projects into Portuguese, so I took the liberty to modify the plugin to add the language myself (I have some knowledge in web development). Adding the missing language to the plugin was easy to do, the plugin being well designed. It deserves easily a 5 fives stars rating especialy because it's completely free, thanks to the author.
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