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I've looked at other plugins that cost much more (I'm using the free version) and this does as much as the hefty price ones.
I will buy. Said as a declaration. There's about a million reasons to support this developer/development team. From the fact that they actually release a feature-complete functional plugin for free (most claim of this, but fall short of some, if not MANY, things that they KNOW you will need). All the way to the fact that they allow you to remove their mention from the free version. The truth is, I've purchased this plugin before and I love to send these guys money, I will be purchasing again, and again, and again... If you need the features they claim to provide and you can afford the license, it's in your best, and your children's best, interest to support this developer over others. If Darwin's laws applied to plugin success, this plugin will quickly be 1st in it's category (and likely first in it's secondary and tertiary categories). Much love from #unixpunx @EFnet "Install it and see for yourself, it's not malware.. it's... well, it's the tits, plain and simple.. up front and wonderful" - m00tiny
There is more rss feed plugins. But, they have to purchase use more features. WPeMatico has all premium features as free, while other plugins need to purchase. WP WPeMatico Team ❤
This is one very versatile, and extensive plugin. Obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into the design and implementation. Unlike many plugins, this one has many local help prompts, and is very flexible - which is great for many different uses. I'm totally impressed with this awesome plugin - I had been looking for something like this for some time. Thank you to the developer - great job! 🙂 Mark
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