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WP Event Ticketing


WP Event Ticketing makes it easy for you to sell tickets for a single event directly from your WordPress website.



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Журнал изменений


  • Fix SSL v3 paypal errors


  • Update link for Paypal instructions
  • Add new FAQs
  • Removed extra closing div that was breaking instructions page


  • Fix date calculation bug for ticket sold times


  • Fix reporting bug with multiselect options on tickets


  • Cleanup HTML on settings page
  • Change attendee notification behavior
  • Add exclusion rules to attendee page shortcode


  • Duplicate calls to getAttendees() was causing excessive memory usage.


  • Bugfix display currency was previously consistently off everywhere, now fixed


  • Changed Paypal parameters such that customers without a Paypal account can still purchase tickets
  • Display Currency throughout the entire program is consistent


  • Fixed Syntax error


  • Add attendee page shortcode
  • Change thank you page display to be links
  • Change thank you page links and purchaser email and admin summary email to contain ticket names of what was purchased
  • Add package names and coupon names to attendee list and export pages


  • Bugfix don’t encode & to & in emails…bad llama.


  • Bugfix more clearly display revenue and discounted coupon revenue in report
  • Bugfix multi ticket packages can now have their attendees deleted properly
  • Bugfix Setups with multiple ticket types can now edit and delete attendees properly
  • Add super secret debug functionality


  • Bugfix don’t format prices and reformat before sending to paypal. Causes errors when sending 1,000 instead of 1000
  • Bugfix fix totals not showing up in emails
  • Bugfix When shortcode hook is called twice on single WP request redirect from paypal don’t let it run twice
  • Bugfix Force SSL v3 for Curl calls to paypal re: http://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2010-06/0169.html (thanks @wombatcombat)
  • Add check so if all the tickets for a package are deleted the package is de-activated


  • Bugfix Default permalink sites (?page_id=) no longer cause illegal URLs to be generated
  • Bugfix Clicking on delete then cancel doesn’t cause ticket/package to still be deleted


  • Bugfix all prices on front end went to $0.00


  • Bugfix for coupons not working if permalink is default style (?page_id=)
  • Spelling fixes
  • Bugfix where menu wouldn’t show up if thesis was installed
  • Make currency output match chosen currency


  • Bugfix for missing in form


  • Fix MS compatibility bug where defaults wouldn’t load on new blog creation
  • Allow selection of currency type
  • Added more notifications to UI as things are added/edited/deleted
  • Editing a coupon code doesn’t create a new coupon and leave the old one there as well
  • Edits for extra styling on purchase form (thanks @RyanKelln)
  • Cleanup of new ticket creation
  • Add multi select type to ticket options
  • Pre populate ticket with name/email entered in at time of ticket purchase
  • Fix bug if no coupon use quantity entered
  • Add explicit on/off switch for packages to display or not


  • Initial release