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WordPress Tables


Вам нужно вставить таблицу на свою страницу или запись? Плагин WordPress Tables будет принимать ваши данные в формате CSV / JSON или непосредственно из таблицы MySQL и создавать таблицу интерактивных данных. С плагином WPTables вы можете легко создавать и управлять своими таблицами из админки WordPress. Просто вставьте шорткод в вашу страницу, статью или запись и всё готово! Наслаждайтесь вашей новой таблицей.


Основными функциями плагина WP Tables являются:

  • Вставка данных с использованием мощного редактора электронных таблиц
  • Импорт данных из файлов CSV и JSON
  • Отображение данных непосредственно из базы данных MySQL: выбрав таблицу или написание пользовательских SQL запросов
  • Изменение названий столбцов, порядка и видимости
  • Форматирование чисел
  • Сортировка по алфавиту и по числам
  • Пагинация с параметрами
  • Настраиваемая ширина и высота
  • Экспорт созданной таблицы в файл CSV
  • 6 предопределенных цветовых тем
  • Поддержка шорткодов из других плагинов внутри таблицы
  • Поддержка ссылок и изображений

After installing the plugin, tables are created in few very basic steps:

  • Navigate to the `WPTables` menu in the WordPress administration dashboard
  • Click `Add New Table` and enter a name for the new table
  • Choose a data source format and insert your data (for example the CSV file)
  • After importing the data, you can edit table fields and other options
  • Copy and paste the generated shortcode into your page or post (you can also use a button in the WordPress text editor to insert a table)


  • Visualise your data in the table
  • Admin > Adding new table
  • Admin > Managing the table
  • Admin > Editing table data
  • Admin > All tables list
  • Admin > Table live preview

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to change table width/height?

Width of the table is 100% by default. Height is auto. But you can override these parameters by modifying a shortcode as following:
[wp_table id=»77″ width=»640px» height=»480px»]

How to format numbers?

You can define a custom number format for columns with type Number.
1. In the WordPress administration open the table for editing.
2. In the Fields section find the necessary field and make sure that the type is Number
3. You will see the Formatting button next to the Type drop-down.
4. Set the desired format and click Apply.

How to add currency symbol to values?
  1. In the WordPress administration open the table for editing.
  2. In the Fields section find the necessary field and make sure that the type is Number
  3. You will see the Formatting button next to the Type drop-down.
  4. Add currency symbol to the format (i.e. ‘$0,0.00’).
  5. Click Apply.
How to set link text?

With Link field type you can use Markdown syntax to set the link text.


Май 1, 2019
Ian Sadovy, Спасибо за плагин! НО есть одно НО! Иногда долго загружаются данные с таблиц!
Март 15, 2019
Hello , Really , very simple install and use ! It's working straight and very nice ! So , I need to populate the table by users accessing on my web site . Have you a solution to insert the data in the tables from the web sessions and not only from the web site admin console ? Thanks in advance for your answer.
Январь 17, 2019
When sorting by a column in descending order, single digit 9 shows above double digit 11. I think you know what I mean. Just needs a little tweak. Kudos! In addition, the preview of the table is exactly what i need on my page but obviously the table looks different on the actual page (font sizes, colors, row & column widths etc.) I've been trying for hours to find a theme that gives me the exact table as what I see in the preview in your plugin. Is there a theme that you can recommend for this? I appreciate your help very much.
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Участники и разработчики

«WordPress Tables» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


  • Added abitity to assign HTML ID to the table in the shortcode using html_id attribute.
  • Fixed the issue with exporting tables that are created using MySQL query.
  • Fixed the issue with exporting tables that contain characters like Chinese or Korean.
  • Fixed the issue with exporting column names insted of titles.
  • WordPress 4.9.4 support.


  • Fixed the issue with MySQL when correct (but empty) query results «Invalid query. Please check the syntax and try again.» error.


  • Added support for variables in the MySQL queries.


  • Allow Editors to access WPTables.
  • WordPress 4.9.2 support.


  • Fixed the issue when table appears at the top of the page.
  • Added compatibility with LABJS.
  • Added compatibility with shortcodes plugins.


  • Fixed the issue when jQuery is loaded in the footer.


  • Fixed the issue with MySQL queries.
  • Fixed the issue with removing rows.


  • Added support for custom MySQL queries.


  • Fixed horizontal alignment.
  • Fixed mixing up tables with other post types.
  • Fixed the issue with Unicode symbols.


  • Brand new admin UI with drag’n’drop file import and much more.
  • Brand new powerful data editor for imported files, including CSV and JSON.
  • Support of importing JSON data.
  • Improved CSV parsing.
  • Adding/removing new columns.
  • Search and bulk actions for created tables.
  • Cloning tables.

VERSION 1.2.10

  • Improved MySQL support: now it is possible to load data from any database that is available for the DB user, not only WP tables.
  • WordPress 4.9 support.


  • Fix fatal error on PHP < 5.5.


  • Added support for custom currency symbols in number formatting.
  • Fixed the issue with saving table updates.


  • Fixed compatibility with FancyBox library prior version 3.


  • Fixed the issue with adding new table using CSV/MySQL.


  • Added support for custom number format (decimal places, thousand separator, currency symbol, percent, etc.).
  • Added support for links inside the table.


  • Added support for shortcodes inside the table.
  • Fixed issue with missing sort icons.


  • Added support for Unicode characters.
  • Fixed issue with an apostrophe (‘).


Fixed CSV parsing with dots in column names.


Fixed editing HTML-like data.


Added 6 predefined color themes.


Added a «manual» mode for creating tables. It is possible now to edit the data in a spreadsheet-like interface.


Added help and about sections.


Initial version where most features are ready and pretty stable.