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Ebook Store Plugin for WordPress is a tool that allows you to sell, watermark, encrypt and deliver by email and/or download ebooks to your customers, via beautiful one click checkout experience.
The pro version is capable of encrypting the ebooks upon download or email delivery. It supports PDF, ePub, TXT, Mobi and Zip files.
The Pro version also supports WooCommerce integration, so you can sell and deliver encrypted ebooks trough WooCommerce checkout, no additional setup required except enabling the feature and assigning an ebook to a woocommerce product.

Video demonstration:

Video of WooCommerce cart integration:

Ebook store now supports integration with WooCommerce so you can add ebook store items to your WooCommerce products and let customers download ebooks from the checkout complete page. The PDF encryption and watermarking works well and will use the customer data to watermark the ebook which is a proven method to prevent piracy.

Payment Methods:

With Ebook Store you can accept payments with:
1. PayPal — Account, Credit Card, eCheck, Bank / Wire transfer payments.
2. Stripe — Credit Card payments, BitCoin.
3. Apple Pay — coming soon!


Single ebook — How the order page looks
Multiple ebooks — Multiple ebooks / embedded forms on one page
WooCommerce DEMO before ordering — Integration with WooCommerce
WooCommerce DEMO after ordering — Order Received Page — How the customer sees the downloads after checkout is complete in WooCommerce.

Sample thank you page and encrypted PDF

Here you can see how the encrypted PDF will look like. It contains QR code watermark with buyer info and watermark in the header with copyright data and buyer info again.
Encrypted Order Link

Are there translations?

Yes, the front-end of the software is translated to: English, German, French, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese and Russian. More translations are coming.

Are there any limitations?

The Free version can not encrypt PDF files and put watermarks. For this you need the $30 full version UPGRADE from http://www.shopfiles.com/index.php/products/wordpress-ebook-store

What does it do? 

It will let you sell your ebooks in a very stylish and secure way. It’s PRO version is the only extension for WordPress that allows encryption of the sold Ebooks, by putting passwords and watermarks / print protection to the PDF files for sale.

How it works?

Very easy and intuitive! All you need to do is upload a book with its cover’s information and put a price on it. Once you do that you can copy paste the book embed code to place it inside the article. Once you have done that please make sure you have filled in your PayPal account where you want to receive the payments.

How to contact support?

Simply by email support@shopfiles.com and URL: http://www.shopfiles.com

That’s all you need to do in order to start selling files! 🙂


  • The default look of the ebook 1-click order form. It can be put inside any post, page or module/custom html widget.
  • The details view, comes with a nice 3d effect that works trough all modern browsers.
  • This embed box shows up on every page or post you edit, upon clicking on it, you embed the ebook order.
  • The Add New Order screen. If encryption is enabled, the files will also be delivered encrypted. Email with the files and/or links is also sent.
  • PayPal email for receiving payments, WP Affiliates and WooCommerce integration enabler.
  • PayPal return to merchant text, currency select and font size settings for the ebook order form.
  • License key field and PDF encryption settings for encryption, random password, blank password ability (still encrypted), login email as pdf password feature, PDF master password feature.
  • Disable PDF printing, modification, annotation forms, QR code watermarking with transaction / buyer data, buyer info watermark on each page feature. Ability to fill a form upon each order that you can design and add fields as you wish. Ability to require @kindle email for the email delivery mail to be sent directly to the buyer's device.
  • Mailchimp integration feature via API key. Link expiration setting and download limit. Email delivery and Attach files feature settings. This way the customer receives email with the files attached or just download links depending on configuration. Optional VAT settings.
  • Thank you page template editor, you can redesign it as desired.
  • Email delivery email editor, it can be customized/transated to meet your needs.
  • The form for the "Fill a form upon order" feature. You can customize the html code and add more fields.
  • WooCommerce integration, adding ebook store product type, ability to select which ebook to be delivered with it's additional formats. PDF file can be encrpyted.
  • WooCommerce download table for the ebook(s) in the cart. Users can buy multiple ebooks with WooCommerce shopping cart and Ebook Store plugin.


Installing and running the plugin in 3 easy steps.

  1. Upload the zip file via the plugins manager.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Configure PayPal account under Settings -> Ebook Store and upload your first book.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Installation Instructions

Installing and running the plugin in 3 easy steps.

  1. Upload the zip file via the plugins manager.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Configure PayPal account under Settings -> Ebook Store and upload your first book.
What is the flow? How do I use this? Is there a quick guide?

It’s really easy!
1. You install the plugin.
2. Then you are going to Ebook Store > Add New Ebook
3. You fill in title, description, cover image and upload ebook formats. You set a price.
4. You copy and paste the embed code in a post or page, or you can use the dedicated ebook embedding widget while you work on a post or page. It embeds the ebook order form with a single click.

Is there any limitation on how many sites I can use it when I upgrade?

No there are no limitations.

What if it doesn’t work?

It will, if there is a problem, there is real human support to help you out. In the settings form there is a direct messaging widget to send a question to the developer and get instant reply.

How does it secure my PDF files?

The plugin can disable printing, apply watermark with buyer’s information on each page, or put a password to the encrypted file.



I am the author of a textbook written for A Level Computer Science examinations and wanted to sell my product without the middle-man that is Amazon or iBooks.

After searching for a few hours for a standalone and self-hosted solution, I found this plugin. Installing the free version instantly prompted me to purchase the Pro version, for the extremely reasonable price of $30, because the plugin was just what I was looking for!

Massive props to the development team for creating something which meets absolutely every requirement on my list — I cannot find a solution quite like this elsewhere.

It is also worth noting that the encounter I had with support in the initial setup stage, due to an incompatible PDF file, was very friendly and prompt!

5/5 — Would recommend to anyone looking for a way to sell their work without the need for a middle-man who takes a cut!

Really Great eBook plugin

THis is the best, spent weeks researching till i came across this.
The pro version is really worth the money.

The developer also is amazing with Support. Responds to my questions and challenges VERY FAST.

Easy and effective

The plugin is easy to handle, install and customize. Mostly thanks to the swift (within 2 minutes), friendly and knowledgeable customer support. Even for absolute beginners without any computer knowledge like me. You are not left alone! Buy it!

WOW. a model Developer! 🙂

simply the best support. a real person. doesn’t waste time and has no attitude. answers questions quickly. fantastic plugin, good for our big corp. highly highly recommend!!!!!!!!

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Журнал изменений


  • CSS fixes and random password fix for bonus ebooks.


  • More fixes to the bonus feature and the row layout in the pro version when multiple books are shown in one row.


  • Fixed bonus ebooks feature that was previously delivering the main book in some cases.


  • Compatibility update.


  • Fixes a typo and backend.


  • Fixes for woocommerce email delivery.


  • Fix for options page issue on some providers with php 7.


  • Fix for initial setup not reading default parameters.


  • Fix for order csv export routine.


  • Added ViewerJS for PDF preview files.


  • Fixes in woocommerce email delivery to trigger only when a certain configurable order status is matched.


  • Fixes in PayPal sandbox mode when it was sending back to order cancelled url
  • Fixed a problem where vat was added twice at some point.


  • Version compatibility update.


  • Version compatibility update.


  • Fixes in pricing table and warnings.


  • Added external gateways support. Stripe now included for direct credit card payments in Business edition of the plugin, you can find it here: Ebook Store Pricing
  • Added online reader mode. This way you can force customers to read the ebook on your website, instead of downloading, with %%pdf_reader%% keyword on thank you page.
  • Automated registration feature for cutsomers so they can re-download their purchases. Account is created automatically and details are sent to customer’s email address.
  • New javascript modal box for «Fill a form» feature.


  • Fixed a problem in the readme file.


  • Fixed a problem where the thank you page would not show up unless the templates page is saved first.


  • Fixes regarding the WooCommerce integration. After WC 3.0 update, there was a problem with custom product types, so now default Simple product type can be used along with selecting an ebook from the Ebook store tab and setting the product as Downloadable.


  • Added a feature to let customers download additional formats of an ebook if the download it’s free.


  • Added a feature to select color and position for PDF Watermark.


  • Rounded the VAT in email delivery email from WooCommerce.


  • Fixes where in some cases another plugin would interrupt the loop and link expired would be shown when downloading.
  • Added a feature to require specific order status before showing download link for the ebooks on order received page using woocommerce integraiton.


  • Fixed the custom post type ebook store not being saved, when using WooCommerce integration


  • Fixed the incompatibility with variable products
  • Fixed the issue with VAT missing in emails from WooCommerce email delivery emails (VAT must be configured in Ebook Store settings for it in order to work)


  • Added Nigeria Naira currency.


  • A limit of 10 authors was showing in the ebook editing screen, made it unlimited.


  • Re-subimssion due to SVN problems and missing files for some customers.


  • PHP Compatibiliy issue with older versions.


  • Minor fix in the add to cart routine when using the main ebook form to add to woocommerce cart.


  • Added support for non A4 PDF formats for copyright protection features (encrypt, watermark, etc).
  • Added %%total%% keyword in email and thank you page which sums up the gross payment and the tax.
  • Added a check for GD PHP liberary.


  • Added Malaysian currency Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).


  • WooCommerce 3.0.x compatibiilty update.


  • Rmoved some warnings


  • Fixed thank you email issue on some sites.
  • Added feature to delete certain formats
  • Compatibility updates


  • New interface in ebook store editing panel
  • Added audio books support
  • Re-done configuration panel


  • Compatibility update.


  • Fixed some currency symbols.


  • Added Indian Rupees


  • Upload ebook fixes related to the target folder.


  • PDF orientation fix.
  • Watermarking fixes
  • Updated PDF framework.
  • Visual Composer integration — you can now embed direct ebook order forms with it.
  • WooCommerce email delivery fixes.


  • Added the ability to enable or disable eCheck order processing via PayPal.


  • Added ability to assign ebook categories and create menu items listing the ebooks by category.


  • Fixed a problem where not all ebooks were showing in the WooCommerce integration dropdown.


  • Added a fix to make sure if the customer arrives before the encrpytion of the pdf is complete and tries to download, to make sure the encrypted file is delivered after a «in progress» page is shown for 15 seconds.


  • Bonus ebook feature sometimes returned wrong ebook.


  • Fixed issue with incorrect file being returned related to the bonus ebook.


  • Fixed compatibility with older php versions.


  • Added the ability to set a bonus ebook when editing an ebook item. This way you add a gift to your customers containing another ebook product.


  • Fixed a problem with WooCommerce integration where pricing was hiding after saving a product of type Ebook store.
  • Confirmed WordPress 4.6 comaptibility.


  • Added Content-length header for all downloads.


  • Added support for WP Affiliates Manager. You can now pay affilaites commissions for the sales they bring to your site with ebook store plugin.


  • Fixes related to the xml sitemap corruption of «author» links.
  • Media uploads are no longer forced to ebook store folder.


  • More fixes related to the integration with WooCommerce, now Content-type headers are handled properly.


  • Fixes in the woocommerce integration.


  • Removed an unused module.


  • We added a direct order link feature so you can use your current landing pages without doing any redesigns and just use our direct order link from the Ebooks Store > Ebooks page. You can share the link over email and facebook or elsewhere.


  • Removed error reporting on download processing routine as it sometime caused headers to be sent due to strict standard notices, breaking the downloads.


  • WooCommerce integration added. You can now add the ebooks to the WooCommerce cart and use all it’s payment gateways.


  • WooCommerce integration added. You can now add the ebooks to the WooCommerce cart and use all it’s payment gateways.


  • Added the ability to encrypt files with blank passwords, so the print/copy/modify protection still works, but the file opens without password.


  • Fixed a critical error due to WooCommerce integration routine.


  • Fixed a problem where shortcodes were not replaced on the thank you page and the download link was missing.


  • New features to the admin interface for changing font-size of the buy now and details links.


  • Interface improvements in the admin section.


  • Ireland added to PayPal default locations options list.


  • Added a feature to be able to enable password encryption for free files so when logged in users download, their email is used as password.


  • Fixed an issue where on some server long ipns calls were missing variables.


  • Fixed an issue where the rewrite rules were not flushed properly.


  • Fixed an issue with the newer paypal ssl requirements on sandbox and live transactions.


  • Fixed an issue where %%download_links%% keyword was not working in email delivery template for other ebook formats like epub mobi zip and txt.


  • Fixed an issue where encrypted PDF documents were not printable.


  • Added a feature to generate a random password for each PDF sold and encrypted.


  • Added ability to upload all file types in the full version as the main ebook file. This is useful when people want to sell audio or video files with the plugin.


  • Compatibility update.


  • Fixed problem where some book formats were not uploading.
  • Finish translation added. Thank you Timppa Airaksinen.


  • Compatibility check for WordPress 4.4.


  • Fixed a warning that occured sometimes upon uploading.


  • Fixed a problem where free downloads were available even after unpublished.


  • Kindle email requirement feature added.


  • PRO Version encryption fix when attach files feature was off.


  • Fixed a problem with free file downloads.


  • Added encryption for free files.


  • Free download fix for Pro licensed custoemrs.


  • Removed download warning.


  • Fixes in the ebook details form.
  • Added ability for offline payment / manual payment and to generate a new order and send the encrypted pdf file via email.


  • Fixes in the readme.


  • Removed menu position declaration to avoid conflicts with other plugins.


  • Localization update.


  • Package fixes, removed samples to reduced size.


  • Added stats feature.


  • Fixed a menu item detection where the book template wasn’t showing.


  • Fixed a php warning.
  • Interface improvement of ebook upload section.


  • Removed some warnings.
  • Custom post type icon added.
  • Custom post type view of the ebook added.


  • Fixes regarding the ebook embedding and the free downloads feature.


  • Various small fixes and translation improvements.


  • Fixed function chaining for older php versions.


  • Automatically create thank you page.
  • Blank PayPal account warning.
  • Master and user password PDF DRM function
  • Fill a form upon order
  • Auto resize cover on upload
  • Return url fix when no return page selected
  • Ebook embedding box/dialog now available on post/page editing screen


  • Added MailChimp support, you can now subscribe buyers to MailChimp lists!


  • Fixed order replication.
  • Fixed loosing Pro functionality when updating.
  • Fixed Automated PDF format / size detection.
  • Fixed More PDF DRM encryption functions added, owner / master PDF and user password.
  • Added Japanase Translation.
  • Added self diagnostic for corrupted files.


  • Fixes regarding the display of prices in backend and made the watermark in header font smaller.


  • Fixes regarding function chaining and old php versions.


  • Missing permalink bug fixed.


  • Added translations to frontend: Russian, English, German, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, French.
  • Added download link copy in the email, ability to save addresses of buyers and more.


  • Usability improvements and video guide added.


  • Ability to select order cancellation page.


  • Ability to add a thank you page for your customers after checkout.


  • Fixed problem with paypal form submission when there are more than one books on page.


  • Fixed some css issues, hiding the preview link when no book is uploaded for preview.


  • Fixed issue where PayPal sent multiple IPNs for the same order, resulting in order multiplication.


  • Fixed PayPal SSL Version requirement


  • Fixed CSS bugs with Customizr


  • Fix for WPMU where IPN was failing.


  • Added epub support .


  • Fixed the package due to svn troubles.


  • Первая версия.