Image Watermark


Image Watermark allows you to automatically watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and bulk watermark previously uploaded images.

For more information, check out plugin page at dFactory, documentation page or plugin support forum.

Включенные функции:

  • Массовое применение водяного знака — опция применения водяного знака в действиях медиатеки.
  • Применение водяного знака на изображения, уже загруженные в медиатеку.
  • Библиотека GD и поддержка ImageMagic
  • Функция резервного копирования изображений
  • Возможность удаления водяного знака
  • Гибкое расположение водяного знака
  • Предварительный просмотр изображения водяного знака.
  • Установка смещения водяного знака
  • Выбор типов записей, для изображений в которых будет применяться водяной знак, или добавление водяного знака во время загрузки любого изображения.
  • Выбор одного из 3 способов нанесения размера водяного знака: оригинальный, пользовательский или масштабированный.
  • Установка прозрачности водяного знака.
  • Выбор формата изображения (базовый или прогрессивный).
  • Установка качества изображения.
  • Защита изображений от копирования с помощью перетаскивания.
  • Отключения функции правой кнопки мыши при взаимодействии с изображениями.
  • Отключение защиты изображений для авторизовавшихся пользователей.
  • Прилагаемый файл .pot для локализации.


  • screenshot-1.png
  • Скриншот №2


  1. Установите водяной знак изображения либо из каталога плагинов или загрузив файлы плагина на сервер сайта.
  2. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress
  3. Перейдите в меню водяного знака в настройках и установите его параметры.
  4. Включите водяной знак, чтобы применять водяной знак к загружаемым изображениям, или перейдите в медиатеку, чтобы применить водяной знак к ранее загруженным изображениям.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

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I use it since years on and it’s all ok to me. I just would like to use it also for webp images: is it possible?And could it be possibile to have 2 different watemarks to use on choice?
I tried Image Watermark plugin, despite the few negative reviews, and found that it works exactly as advertised. It’s also very simple to use. If you already have a library full of images to protect, here’s a quick walkthrough: Create a PNG image to use as your watermark, upload it to your media library, install the plugin, adjust the parameters to your preference and be sure to connect the plugin to your watermark PNG file. Save the settings (surprising how often this step is missed). Next go to the media library, you should see a message indicating that Image Watermark can only be used in «List» mode, so change the library to «List» and select the images you want watermarked. Then choose Watermark from the dropdown, and click update. Takes a few minutes, and when it’s done all the selected images are protected. NOTE: If you already have existing galleries before watermarking the images, you just need to edit those galleries and replace the originals, with the newly watermarked images from your library. I noticed that the images in my galleries did not show the watermarks until I completed this step.
your site /docs/image-watermark/applying-watermark/ I used the method described in your document to add watermarks to the newly generated webp image, but it skipped all webp files, and all other jpg \ PNG files were normal.
I have tested all other watermark plugins. They are all the same and have a serious problem!They use WordPress image compressor to watermark the original image.In case they only need to watermark, not compress!That is when WordPress does not compress the original image!Especially the original image does not need to be compressed for watermarking.Compressing only destroys the quality and increases the size of the images! Anyway, can you give me a solution so that image watermark doesn’t do any compression? And just watermark?
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  • Fix: Potential security issue with capability check — props WordFence
  • Fix: Saving post types settings issue
  • Tweak: WordPress 6.5 compatibility


  • Tweak: WordPress 6.2 compatibility
  • Tweak: PHP 8.2 compatibility


  • Fix: Missing admin-media.js file


  • Fix: Watermark option not available in Media Library


  • Tweak: WordPress 5.9 compatibility
  • Tweak: PHP 8.x compatibility


  • Tweak: PHP 7.3 compatibility


  • Fix: Improved support for PHP 7 and above
  • Fix: Backup folders handling of date based organized uploads


  • Fix: Transparent PNG issues with ImageMagic library

  • Fix: The plugin directory upload fix.


  • Fix: PNG files watermarking issue


  • New: Option to select watermark offset unit — pixels or percentages
  • Tweak: Added values to slider settings fields


  • Fix: Minor bug with AJAX requests, thanks to JoryHogeveen
  • Fix: Prevent watermarking the watermark image, thanks to JoryHogeveen
  • Tweak: Code cleanup


  • New: Image backup functionality, thanks to JoryHogeveen
  • New: Option to remove watermark (if backup is available)


  • New: PHP image processing library option, if more than one available.
  • Fix: Manual / Media library watermarking not working.
  • Fix: Image sizes not being generated proparly in GD library.


  • Fix: Determine AJAX frontend or backend request
  • Tweak: Remove Polish and Russian translations, in favor of GlotPress


  • Fix: Use of undefined constant DOING_AJAX


  • New: ImageMagic support


  • Tweak: Switch from wp_get_referer() to DOING_AJAX and is_admin().



  • Tweak: Plugins setting adjusted to WP settings API
  • Tweak: General code cleanup
  • Tweak: Added Media Library bulk watermarking notice


  • New: Hungarian translation, thanks to Meszaros Tamas


  • New: Option to donate this plugin 🙂


  • New: RUssian translation, thanks to Sly


  • New: Chinese translation, thanks to xiaoyaole


  • Fix: Option to disable right click on images not working


  • Tweak: Manual watermarking now works even if selected post types are selected
  • Tweak: UI improvements for WP 3.8
  • Fix: Image protection options not saving properly


  • New: German translation, thanks to Matthias Siebler


  • New: Frontend watermarking option (for front-end upload plugins and custom front-end upload code)
  • New: Introducing iw_watermark_display filter
  • New: Option to delete all plugin data on deactivation
  • Tweak: Rewritten watermark application method
  • Tweak: UI enhancements for settings page


  • New: Arabic translation, thanks to Hassan Hisham


  • New: Introducing API hooks: iw_before_apply_watermark, iw_after_apply_watermark, iw_watermark_options
  • Fix: Wrong watermark watermark path
  • Fix: Final fix (hopefully) for getimagesize() error


  • New: Image quality option
  • New: Image format selection (progressive or baseline)
  • Fix: Error when getimagesize() is not available on some servers
  • Tweak: Files & class naming conventions


  • New: Added option to enable or disable manual watermarking in Media Library
  • Fix: Apply watermark option not visible in Media Library actions
  • Fix: Warning on full size images


  • New: Bulk watermark — Apply watermark in Media Library actions
  • New: Watermark images already uploaded to Media Library


  • Fix: Error during upload of file types other than images (png, jpg)
  • Fix: Limit watermark file types to png, gif, jpg
  • Tweak: Validation for watermark size and transparency values
  • Tweak: Remove unnecessary functions
  • Tweak: Code cleanup
  • Tweak: Added more code comments
  • Tweak: Small css changes


  • New: Add watermark to custom images sizes registered in theme
  • Tweak: Admin notices on settings page if no watermark image selected
  • Tweak: JavaScript enquequing on front-end
  • Tweak: General code cleanup
  • Tweak: Changed label for enabling image protection for logged-in users


  • Fix: Using image ID instead of image URL during image upload


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