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WebTotem: Enhance Your WordPress Website Security

WebTotem the Ultimate WordPress Security Plugin for Comprehensive Protection
In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding your WordPress website against a myriad of threats is paramount. WebTotem emerges as a formidable security solution, offering a suite of powerful features designed to protect your website from the ground up. With antivirus scans, firewall protection, SSL certificate monitoring, and port analysis, WebTotem ensures your web space is meticulously guarded. Pushing the envelope further, it incorporates CVE vulnerability scanning to preemptively identify and mitigate potential risks, fortifying your website’s defense mechanism.
WebTotem transforms your website into an impenetrable fortress by integrating additional layers of security such as activity logs, two-factor authentication (2FA), brute force attack prevention, and CAPTCHA functionalities. This not only guarantees uninterrupted operation but also establishes a reliable security framework for your website.

Core Features:

  • Antivirus Protection: Conducts thorough scans of your files for malicious software, hidden shells, and dubious modifications, marking the first step towards a secure website. It’s an intuitive solution for maintaining your site’s integrity.
  • Firewall Defense: Offers real-time safeguarding against SQL injections, XSS, and DOS attacks, ensuring your data remains secure from unwelcome intrusions.
  • SSL Module: Administers continuous monitoring and management of your site’s SSL certificates, protecting data transmission round the clock.
  • Port Scanner: Employs meticulous analysis to identify open ports, blocking unauthorized access and neutralizing potential threats.
  • Open Path Scanner: Proactively searches and reviews accessible paths to files and directories, closing off avenues for attacks.
  • Reputation Module: Vigilantly monitors and alerts you about any blacklisting issues, safeguarding your site’s online reputation and visibility.
  • Accessibility Module: Keeps a close watch on site availability and page response times, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless user experience.
  • Technology Scanner: Accurately identifies your site’s technology stack and its versions, aiding in keeping your systems up-to-date.

Highlight Features:

  • Vulnerability Scanner: A cornerstone feature that scans for known vulnerabilities within the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database, enabling swift remediation to boost your site’s security.
  • Server Resource Module: Provides crucial insights into RAM and CPU usage, along with disk space analytics, facilitating efficient resource utilization for enhanced site performance.
  • Activity Log: An essential tool for monitoring site changes and activities, offering a comprehensive event timeline for enhanced security oversight and swift incident response.

Enhanced Security Measures:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Elevates security by requiring a second form of verification, seamlessly integrated within your CMS to protect administrative access.
  • CAPTCHA Integration: A versatile tool against spam bots and automated attacks, offering customizable CAPTCHA deployment to safeguard your forms from unwarranted submissions.
  • Brute-Force Protection: Actively combats password guessing attempts, employing proactive measures to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Security Level Assessment (Scoring): Offers a detailed security evaluation based on an innovative methodology, pinpointing improvement areas with strategic recommendations to fortify your website’s security stance.
  • Vulnerability Remediation Advice: Goes beyond detection by providing actionable, detailed guidance for addressing vulnerabilities, enhancing your website’s resilience against threats.

WebTotem stands as a comprehensive security plugin, expertly crafted to enhance your WordPress site’s defenses. By adopting WebTotem, you not only protect your site from current threats but also strengthen its overall security architecture, ensuring a safe and robust online presence.


  • Dashboard — Shows statistics for all modules.
  • Firewall — Shows firewall activity, attacks map.
  • Antivirus — Shows antivirus and quarantine logs.
  • Settings — Offers multiple settings to configure the functionality of the plugin.
  • Reports — Offers multiple tools to create reports.


Installing the WebTotem security plugin is very simple. Detailed description of the process with screenshots is available here , however below we give a short instruction.

To install WebTotem Security:

  1. Go to the «Plugins» page and then select «Add New»,
  2. Search for our plugin using the name «WebTotem Security»,
  3. Once you have installed the plugin, you need to activate it. Go to the «Installed Plugins» page and click on the «Activate» button,
  4. Go to the WebTotem and Generate an API-key on the «API-keys» page,
  5. Use the API-key to activate plugin in the WordPress admin panel on the «WebTotem Security» page.

Visit the Support Forum to ask questions, report bugs or suggest new features.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

More information on the WebTotem Security plugin can be found in our Help Center.


Почему я не могу активировать плагин WordPress с помощью API-ключей?
Необходимо скопировать API-ключ сразу после его создания. Поскольку мы не храним API-ключи для вашей безопасности. Если он не был скопирован из окна создания, рекомендуется удалить его, создать новый и скопировать.


Почему файрвол не блокирует атаки?
После установки файрвол проходит обучение в течение двух недель, анализируя работу системы и все запросы. По завершении обучения брандмауэр начнет блокировать атаки. Если через две недели после установки брандмауэр не блокирует атаки, обратитесь в службу поддержки.

Отправляет ли GDN мои данные другим клиентам Webtotem?
Спасибо за вопрос. Вам не нужно беспокоиться о своих личных данных. Параметр GDN использует данные, собранные с ваших сайтов, но не предоставляет их другим клиентам WebTotem.


Как работает антивирус?
Наш антивирус сканирует каждые 6 часов и автоматически сканирует каждый раз, когда файловая система меняется. Другими словами, если вы загружаете новый файл на свой сайт, наш антивирус немедленно сканирует его. Существует также возможность начать ручное сканирование, нажав кнопку rescan в правой верхней части модуля. Ручное сканирование показывает те же результаты, если с момента последнего автоматического сканирования не произошло никаких изменений в файловой системе.

Как удалить зараженный файл?
Полностью удалить файл, помеченный как зараженный антивирусом, с помощью нашего сервиса невозможно. Это может быть жизненно важный файл для вашего сайта. Вы можете поместить этот файл в карантин. Для этого выберите нужный вам сайт в личном кабинете. Перейдите в антивирусный модуль, нажмите кнопку «Подробнее», настройте фильтр для зараженных файлов и нажмите иконку «корзины» рядом с именем файла.


Este plugin era malisimo, pero ha mejorado bastante Continúa teniendo problemas, es lento para mi gusto Pero me gusta, funciona
I have two websites that run through Cloudflare/Ezoic and while support has been very nice coming back almost daily to try to resolve my issue. It appears that they simply can’t install their software on my websites. It’s shame. I got it to install on another website no problem but after over a month and many emails it appears there is no hope. They’ve logged on to my website more than twenty times to solve the issue and after a month there is still no way to resolve it. Had hope for this but I can see now this might not be the solution. I would rework your install process because obviously it’s not as good as other plugins which don’t require this much work around to try to get it to work. If they ever resolve my issues I will update the score to reflect that but right now I do not recommend.
WebTotem Security is an easy to use antivirus and firewall tool that is connected to the cloud to prevent hacking and attacks on a website. WebTotem support staff is fast and very nice. I have been using WebTotem for about six months now, and the WebTotem team has been very helpful in assisting me with any issues that I have had.
16.04.2021 1 ответ
I purchased this plugin and really wanted to like it. Unfortunately it’s not been anywhere near as good as promised, and am now removing it from all my sites. The plugin shows lots of promise but missing some really key features — such as the ability to whitelist yourself. Have to contact customer support to do that. It’s also missing key features to make WordPress specifically more secure — and is a more generic kind of solution. All that said, the customer support team is superb. There’s lots of scope to grow. Hopefully the product matures into what it should be capable of being, as it could be a terrific addition to securing WordPress websites.
mon site qui était plein de virus il a été complètement nettoyer et protège ce plugin et super! si facile et puissant! je le recommande à tout propriétaire de site Web
I use it on all my sites very good protection which uses very few resources very easy to use you activate and it works by itself in addition we can protect any site that uses php or wp without plugin the plugin allows to see the dashboard in WordPress and it is easier to install the WAF and formidably efficient the one that security is a concern I recommend him to try
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Журнал изменений


  • Feedback user issue has been fixed
  • Internal improvements


  • The api-key entry page has been fixed
  • Internal improvements


  • Added forceCheck buttons
  • Fixed AV data request
  • Internal improvements


  • Fixed some errors WP scan
  • Added user feedback popup


  • The Open Path Scanner module has been added
  • The Port Scanner and SSL modules have been changed
  • Availability and deface modules have been removed


  • The logic has been changed, now when the plugin is removed, the AV and WAF agents are not deleted
  • Fixed styles for mobile devices


  • Fixed an issue with blocking custom administrator roles
  • WP scan improvements


  • Fixed some errors in multisite
  • Internal improvements


  • Added the Confidential files section on the WP scan page
  • Added support for different domains in multisite mode
  • Added the rescan button to the WP scan page
  • Fixed errors caused by the absence of the wtotem_audit_logs table in the database
  • Changed the maximum value to 10000 for the DOS limits parameter
  • Internal improvements


  • Added the setting blocking countries
  • Added WP scan page: Log of user actions. Logs on found links, scripts and iframes


  • Added pop-up notification
  • Added 2FA to all users
  • Fixed an error saving settings without installed agents


  • Fixed the cause of php warnings
  • Fixed conflict with Google Authenticator
  • Fixed errors in styles
  • Internal improvements


  • Added firewall log report
  • Added login attempts
  • Added password reset attempts
  • Added Determining the environment by the API-key


  • Fixed ajax error


  • Added Two-factor authorization
  • Added reCAPTCHA for authorization
  • Added the option to Hide the WP version
  • Added API Data Caching
  • Fixed a bug when switching to a multisite


  • Fixed the problem of reinstalling agents when updating.


  • Fixed a bug when upgrading from older versions.


  • Fixed issues with switching to a multisite


  • Session data storage has been changed


  • Fixed an issue related to using the function str_contains


  • Internal improvements


  • Fixed session errors


  • Internal improvements


  • Fixed styles issue


  • Fixed multisite page view


  • Added multisite support
  • All settings have been moved to the settings page
  • Internal improvements


  • Change title for request counter on WAF blocks
  • Fixed adding domains


  • Fixed adding IDN domains


  • Fixed page reload issue


  • Fixed a problem with viewing AV logs


  • Added URL white list
  • Fixed the issue of time zone


  • Added port ignore list
  • Added the ability to send IP addresses by list
  • Added notifications settings


  • Исправлена проблема с переустановкой агентов


  • Исправлены стили


  • Добавлено время последнего сканирования антивирусом


  • Исправлена проблема с активация по API ключу


  • Исправлена проблема с удалением файлов агента


  • Исправлена проблема с перенаправлениями


  • Исправлена проблема с авторизацией


  • Изменен алгоритм переводов
  • Добавлена поддержка языка ru-Ru


  • Исправлена ошибка выхода


  • Исправлено отображения информации об обучении файрвола


  • Изменено отображение данных


  • Исправлен фильтр файлов по статусу
  • Обновлены статусы агентов


  • Изменены стили для тёмного режима
  • Изменена логика, агенты удаляются при выходе из плагина


  • Обновлена информация о плагине
  • Обновлены скриншоты


  • Исправлена проблема деактивации плагина


  • Исправлена проблема добавления файлов в карантин


  • Добавлен система аналитики


  • Добавлены расширенные параметры фаервола список разрешенных/заблокированных IP адресов


  • Исправлены конфликты с некоторыми плагинами
  • Исправлены ошибки сессии, которые были указаны в разделе «Здоровье сайта»


  • Добавлен фильтр файлов по измененным правам
  • Добавлена опция «скачать отчет» антивируса
  • Добавлена опция «Повторное сканирование» антивирусом
  • Исправлен баг деактивации плагина
  • Исправлена проблема добавления сайта с указанием www


  • Добавлена страница отчетов
  • Добавлена опция «Лимит попыток входа»
  • Добавлен карантин файлов
  • Добавлен модуль «Ресурсы сервера»


  • Добавлена страница настроек
  • Исправлены ошибки отображения данных
  • Добавлен тёмный режим
  • Добавлена карта атак


  • Отключение файрвола в админке